I Love My Students!

I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that my students are the best students in the world… I am currently amassing YEARS worth of anecdotal proof to back up my claims, HOWEVER, I would like to share a few of the more wonderfully funny/sweet/amazing pieces that have happened thus far this year! Exhibit A:  MyContinue reading “I Love My Students!”

Special Education: Not Just For Muggles

I am almost finished with my masters degree in Special Education. By almost, I mean, I have an interminably long 4 classes left to go. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the magical experience of special education classes (for educators), you should know that it is definitely a mixed bag. Like Bertie Bott’s every flavored beans, oneContinue reading “Special Education: Not Just For Muggles”

Shirley… you JEST?

I have come to realize over the past 24 hours that I honestly can trace many important lessons from my childhood back to Shirley Temple films. I was OBSESSED wit them and, growing up, would usually get a new one from our local public library every week to watch. Those dusty old VHS tapes wereContinue reading “Shirley… you JEST?”

How to Make A Millionaire!

Dorothy Parker, a female writer before female writers were “de jour”, once said, Well, I completely empathize with Dorothy, but sadly I can’t give you the secret to making millions. HOWEVER, I can give you my new favorite recipe for Millionaire Bars that will make you swoon like preteens at a Twilight Premiere. Ingredients toContinue reading “How to Make A Millionaire!”

Finding King Tut’s Awkward Family Photos

When I was six, I wanted to be a paleontologist. That’s right. Dinosaur bones, civilizations past and Pharaoh’s tombs. . . I was a weird kid, what can I say? I have a very vivid memory of my sister Sarah reading me a book about the man who discovered King Tut’s tomb. After I stoppedContinue reading “Finding King Tut’s Awkward Family Photos”

Fairy Tales

Everyone has their favorite kinds of literature. I think we all develop an affinity for some sort of genre as we begin to explore literature. As we grow up, we are trained to diversify. English teachers assign us novels, biographies, fiction, non-fiction, more novels, dramas, plays, novellas, historical fiction, autobiographies, poetry, historical non-fiction, etc. BeforeContinue reading “Fairy Tales”

His Grace is Beauteous

I often forget the beauty of God’s love for us, but singing this old song with my brother was a good reminder:   Visiting D.C. a week ago, I heard this song for the first time at District Church and it’s truth was stunning. In case you haven’t thought of God’s ability to make beautifulContinue reading “His Grace is Beauteous”

Mooning over Macarons: Macarooning?

Have you ever tried a macaron? Don’t confuse these with the Macarooooooon. That would be like confusing a cloud with a birds nest; like an Hermes scarf with a Forever 21 bandanna. I am going to attempt to use the meager provisions of vocabulary to describe to you the beauty of the macaron . .Continue reading “Mooning over Macarons: Macarooning?”

A Bark You’ll Want To Bite!

Post-holiday confession: I don’t really like candy-canes.  via I mean, of all the sugar in the world to ingest, they’re at the bottom of the totum poll. I actually would rather have roasted brussel sprouts than candy-canes. . . but there is just something so darned festive about them! I can’t seem to go through aContinue reading “A Bark You’ll Want To Bite!”