Branching in?

Spending time with one of my favorite people is NEVER a chore. . . and our most recent weekend was no exception! We revisited an old haunt, and walked away with amazing new books! With considerable pinspirational eye candy we tackled making stellar headband-roses . . .  and succeeded! I’ll have to share my pictures of that one someContinue reading “Branching in?”

Ashtrays and the Art of Seducing Monkeys (Learning English?)

As I was reading through’s account of Dujardin’s performance, I couldn’t help but notice an advertisement along the bottom of the screen. It is now officially my new favorite multiple choice question. Also. . . don’t you think this could be answered “Any of the above”?

I hope I’m This Interesting at 84!

My Unprofessional Reactions and Reflections: The first 25 thoughts to go through my mind while watching 84th Academy Awards Preface: It is truly magnificent that I can sit on my couch under my snuggly blanket with my scraggly-looking hair and watch beautiful people . . . who have spent hours (or days) getting ready forContinue reading “I hope I’m This Interesting at 84!”

Paris is Always A Good Idea

I have spent a month of my life in Paris. That’s like, one 300th of my life. I think. (Math was never my strong point.) Now, this might sound like a big or small percentage to you, but a month is quite a bit of time to be a tourist in one city, even oneContinue reading “Paris is Always A Good Idea”

The Unplanned Bucket List. . .

I love lists. Actually, I love the gratification of crossing something OFF a list. In fact, I have been guilty of making a list of “Things to do today” halfway through the day just so I can write down the things I’ve already done and cross them off immediately. Don’t judge;  you’ve probably done itContinue reading “The Unplanned Bucket List. . .”

Dangerously Desperate

A Message for Single Ladies: (with love from an observant fellow single lady) Try to check yourself before taking any overly-ridiculous relationship risks; Desperation is not flattering on any figure. I don’t care how much you want to get a certain-someone’s attention, try to maintain a little decorum and common sense. I’ve seen a fewContinue reading “Dangerously Desperate”

Sunday Afternoons and Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is something about Sunday afternoons. They are an exquisite blend of relaxation, nostalgia, and productivity. Usually by Sunday afternoon I have already done my weekend cleaning and laundry routine and can dance towards slightly more indulgent (but still handy) pass-times; like baking. My family never did “Sunday Dinners”. . . in fact, Sunday wasContinue reading “Sunday Afternoons and Chocolate Chip Cookies”