Sowa’s the big deal?

Sowa? No longer just a slurred belligerent comeback; after the day I spent at the Sowa Market in Southie, this word took on new life. What is The Sowa Market, might you ask??? Well. WELL. Start by picturing your favorite book, ok? Once you have everything you love about that book in mind, mentally add the mostContinue reading “Sowa’s the big deal?”

Historical Remakes: Not An Oxymoron

As a teacher, and thus, a certifiable (or, actually, licensed) nerd, I do a lot of educational video-searches on youtube.  After about 5 years of evaluating the available clips, I have decided that I need to convert to teaching history, based on the two following videos. Enjoy!

Life’s Lemons

You know, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Take this princess for example: “Hey, Princess! It’s me, Prince Philip. I could slay that Dragon for you . . . with my HANDSOMENESS.” “Hey Philip, does this sound like a phone hanging up?” Here is a prime example of a little lady rollingContinue reading “Life’s Lemons”

Vlogbrothers: Saying it Best.

You haven’t heard of the Vlogbrothers?! Ever since watching the French Revolution Series (Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3), I have been unabashedly in love. I stumbled across this youtubular sensational mashup of family, humor, nerd-dom, and information, and then realized that John Green was actually the same John Green who wrote Looking ForContinue reading “Vlogbrothers: Saying it Best.”