Sowa’s the big deal?


No longer just a slurred belligerent comeback; after the day I spent at the Sowa Market in Southie, this word took on new life.

What is The Sowa Market, might you ask???



Start by picturing your favorite book, ok? Once you have everything you love about that book in mind, mentally add the most perfect outfit you can find, that exciting feeling of getting REAL mail (not a credit card add), everything that is fun about a scavenger hunt, and a healthy dose of all your favorite foods. Now I want you to mentally wrap them all up in the feeling you used to get when you were six and it was the night before Christmas. That, my friends, is Sowa.

Sowa is like finding the lost treasures of King Tut. Only better, because none of these (to my knowledge) involved the extraction or preservation of internal organs. 

Walking through Sowa is like LIVING OUT the Portabello Row Scene from Bed-knobs and Broomsticks, only without Angela Lansbury.

If you love French things (ahem: French teacher here), OR just pretty things,  you will find scads of them.

The opportunity to interact with the merchandise is priceless…

Sometimes, you can buy a BONNET!

If you’re into weird sewing projects, you should go to Sowa. (Haha, sewing: Sowa . . . SOWA-ING!!)

If you look carefully, you might find a mug that is actually a little old lady’s head, and be subsequently weirded out by it. 

Sowa taught me that Dr. Scholl WAS ONCE A REAL PERSON!

I may or may not have impulsively purchased more than just one bonnet.

You can find educational French wall art from the 50s. Yup. All about those potatoes.

There are beautiful pieces of art waiting for you at Sowa.


Honestly, the glamour potential at this place was just unreal!

And by glamour, I mostly just mean HATS. . . although there were lots of other things, I just got easily distracted by the hats in particular this day!

But don’t worry. I didn’t go for any furry hats. 

Sowa-t are you waiting for?

Life’s Lemons

You know, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Take this princess for example:

“Hey, Princess! It’s me, Prince Philip. I could slay that Dragon for you . . . with my HANDSOMENESS.”

“Hey Philip, does this sound like a phone hanging up?”

Here is a prime example of a little lady rolling with the punches and doing things her way, right? I mean, sure, it’s a little heavy on the side of chivalry-goes-out-the-window (which is NOT my stance) . . . but Philip sounded like a (forgive the word) douche. I’m glad she went all hard-core and started that band at the end instead of being swept away by a douche-in-shining-armor. Go princess, right? Way to take a rough situation and come out on top because you don’t do what’s anticipated and just try to fix everything via prince.

This innovative musical tale reminded me of an expression. You know the one. . .

And if Wicked Witches can be Drummers . . . well, don’t settle for lemonade to help your problems. Lemonade is the douche-bag option in this scenario. Since there are many wonderful concepts out there which go above and beyond lemonade, I have decided to share just a few, for inspirational reasons.

When Life Gives You Lemons. . .

#1: Be Original, for crying out loud!

#2: Jettison; Catapult; HUCK those suckers!

#3: Do what you want!

#4: Drown them in Booze*

*Um, except, don’t drink away your problems. That is dumb. Have a cocktail and then get over it!

#5: Create something deliciously marketable!

#6: Okay, too many of these involve alcohol, but you get the idea. Don’t get drunk. Just don’t suck on a plain lemon. . . liven up your cocktail!

#7: Accept them like you would any weird gift.

#8: Choose to do something refreshing and relaxing.

#9: Retaliate.

#10: Look for a greater significance in your interpretation of the lemons. You might learn something.

#11: Share them. (I think it was Calvin – from Calvin&Hobbes – who said that nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it!)

#12: Pimp those Suckers.

#13: Get Angry and Take Definitive Action.

#14: Avoid

#16: Use them for your own twisted purposes. . . 

#17: Get ARTSY

#18:REJECT those lemons.

#19: Use them as inspiration for Decor!

#20: Recieve, Reject, and . . .

Vlogbrothers: Saying it Best.

You haven’t heard of the Vlogbrothers?!

Ever since watching the French Revolution Series

(Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3), I have been unabashedly in love.

I stumbled across this youtubular sensational mashup of family, humor, nerd-dom, and information, and then realized that John Green was actually the same John Green who wrote Looking For Alaska. . . which didn’t make me like John and Hank more (because I already LOVED THEM, thus the all caps and my previous use of the interrobang), but was an interesting fact to add to the interesting-things-about-the-vlogbrothers mental file.  These guys are phenomenal.

For Example:

Or For Another Example:

I can’t stop giving Examples:


Still struggling with stopping the examples: 

Okay, this is the FINAL one: 

All I have to say is, whoever the VlogMother is. . .  she must be kickass.