The United Kingdom: Inherently Magical?

Maybe it comes from watching BBC’s six hour Pride and Prejudice more times than I can remember, or perhaps it’s a result of obsessing with Harry Potter for the past, oh, ten years or so, but it seems that the exceptionally magical can only come from Britain these days. Seriously, perhaps it’s only because IContinue reading “The United Kingdom: Inherently Magical?”

If I Ruled The World. . .

There is a certain comfort in knowing that my students view me as a zany character. . . so I knew that it would likely be a colorful response when I asked them to create imaginative hypothetical situations where I am the Queen of the World. It gave me something to look forward to reading whileContinue reading “If I Ruled The World. . .”

Woops. . .

Checking my e-mail today, I found an interesting message from my lovely landlord (truly – I adore my landlord) that I am absolutely sure I wasn’t supposed to receive!  I probably wouldn’t even have read it, except I thought it was from my friend who has the same first name and last initial as my landlord. HOWEVER,Continue reading “Woops. . .”

Trespassers Beware?

Meandering my way around the back streets of small-town America, I saw the strangest roadside attraction. Perhaps “attraction” is the wrong word. . . something tells me this was intended to deter more than attract. There it was on the outskirts of the otherwise empty lot: a teddy bear on a pike. So I tookContinue reading “Trespassers Beware?”

Unexpected Mash-Ups

You might have seen that episode of Glee that was rife with gleeful mashups, but I have discovered online mashups of a whole new ilk. . . and I enjoy them so much that I am sharing. #1: President Denzel Washington #2: Bob (Marley) the Builder #3: Jim Carey Grant #4: Napoleon Bonamite #5: TomContinue reading “Unexpected Mash-Ups”


The year was 2001. Early autumn sunshine and the riotous shock of fall color spiced my small-town high school with the short lived vigor of a new school year. Bemoaning the renewed novelty of academics, I was standing with a cluster of other sophomores when an announcement rang across the loudspeaker, almost  unnoticed. “Would NathanielContinue reading “Called.”