Kids With Causes

Endangered Species: Olivia Binfield is both talented and adorable, it’s almost too much to handle! I love that she uses her poetic prowess for good! Edurelief: Capucine is an adorable French child (who is no longer a child probably, since this has been out for a while), but she uses her YouTube popularity for good,Continue reading “Kids With Causes”

Shades of Humour. . .

Innuendo, anyone? Allright, maybe it’s because I work with teenagers, but I tend to find inappropriate innuendo in some unlikely places. Hey, what can I say? A well-placed “that’s what she said” is sometimes just really funny. There’s even a group on facebook for people like me. . .  I’ll admit, finding innuendo can turn completelyContinue reading “Shades of Humour. . .”

Drops in the Bucket 2012

After taking a glance at Lesley Carter‘s unbelievably impressive 2012 Bucket List (and picking my jaw back up off the floor after reading what she accomplished last year. . . ) I decided that a little bucket listing of my own might be in order for this year, especially since summer is upon us, andContinue reading “Drops in the Bucket 2012”

Name That Drawer!

This afternoon, I wanted to avoid awkwardly standing around while our (incredibly attractive) handy-man came to do some work on the apartment. . . SO, I organized the kitchen shelves. After organizing, however, I realized that my roommates might be confused by the new placements. . . which is why I decided to make .Continue reading “Name That Drawer!”