Current Events For The Win

Slightly tired of presidential campaign speeches already? The sheer amount of time wasted with clapping is enough to make you turn off the screen, if you ask me. SO, today, I went questing for other news, and found the following fascinating tid-bits… had a whole list of stories, but one headline in particular caughtContinue reading “Current Events For The Win”

Translating ERMAHGERD

Maybe you have heard of the memes which spring from the word “ERMAHGERD”? For Example: via Or This One: via Or (a personal favorite): via For those of you who haven’t been introduced, this series of memes highlights the mispronunciation of “Oh My God”, usually accompanying some fairly ridicule-worthy-yet-appreciate-able images. via Typically, this strain of meme isContinue reading “Translating ERMAHGERD”

Descriptive Reactions!

Today, as I am wont to do, I played a French video for a few of my classes. This video: My favorite reaction to the deep intensity of Fabien Marsaud‘s voice? “Oh my g*d! That’s like VOICE CHOCOLATE.” After I mentioned the description to another class in preparation to view the same video, one studentContinue reading “Descriptive Reactions!”

Listening In. . .

Overheard in the Target dressing room: Obnoxious Whining Child: Mooooommy, the door won’t close, it’s gonna open! Someone’s gonna come iiiiiiiin!” Mom: “Nobody’s coming in, honey.” Obnoxious Whining Child: *Indiscriminate and increasingly shrill whines of disbelief* Mom: “Look, even if someone walked in, Mommy’s a kick-boxing instructor. So they’d better watch out.” The whining stopped immediately,Continue reading “Listening In. . .”

A Poetic Blast from the Recent Past…

A few months ago, while fighting boredom in a session of forced concentration, I wrote two poems. Now I think I will share them… Poem #1: What is Stress? What is stress? an aching between the disks in my lower spine as I twist, sitting far too long in my desk chair a throbbing atContinue reading “A Poetic Blast from the Recent Past…”