As a high school French teacher, I am occasionally devoted to my work to a fault. Halloween is usually a prime example of said ridiculous¬†over-devotion¬†. . . Every year, we teachers attempt to dress in ridiculous costumes for the general amusement, entertainment and edification of our students. I see it as a personal challenge toContinue reading “EHRMAHGERD! HERLERWERN!”

What Kind of a Name is Sandy?

Sandy, Sandy, Sandy. Sheesh. Is anyone talking about anything else on this blustery day? I mean, there have been some pretty funny Grease references as a result of this whole weather shenanigan, but what kind of a name is SANDY for the worst tropical storm system to hit the east coast in recent years? IContinue reading “What Kind of a Name is Sandy?”

Things ‘n Stuff…

Life Moments for General Shareage: 1.) There is nothing so wonderful as holding a sleeping baby. . . . although, awake babies are pretty frickin fantastic, too. . . 2.) I am artsy. 3.) My brother is the recipient of far too many baked goods. As an affirmed stress-baker, I am attempting not to becomeContinue reading “Things ‘n Stuff…”