Shenanigans ~ The Game

Every time I go home to New York, I get the rare privilege of catching up with old friends, and sometimes meeting a few new ones on top of that. Add that in to the nutty mix of the Adams Family Holidays, and you usually wind up with a bizzarre group of at least 10Continue reading “Shenanigans ~ The Game”

A Little Irreverent Fun. . .

Whilst decorating cookies with my big Brother, we may have traveled a little off the beaten-path of traditional frosting! It all started with salvaging a broken bear cookie . . . Then, my Dad might have made a little comment that brought on un unorthodox (but still somehow beautiful) nativity, featuring: Mary, Snowsef, and BabyContinue reading “A Little Irreverent Fun. . .”

The Icing on the Christmas!

Okay, I know I’ve posted about these before. . . but just in case you need a little inspiration to give My Mom’s fool-proof sugar cookies a chance, I am re-sharing the recipe, and some of the fun I had decorating this year! Mom’s Cut-Out Sugar Cookies Ingredients:  1 and 1/2 C. butter, softened 2Continue reading “The Icing on the Christmas!”

The Twelve Days of Sickness . . . er, Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas, my doctor gave to me A FLU DI-AG-NO-SIS! On the second day of Christmas my doctor gave to me : Prescriptions for sulfa, and a flu diagnosis! On the third day of Christmas, the sulfa gave to me, hives and puffy lips, prescriptions for sulfa and a flu diagnosis On the fourth dayContinue reading “The Twelve Days of Sickness . . . er, Christmas.”


  A poem written by Cameo Smith of Mt. Wolf, PA.   Twas’ 11 days before Christmas, around 9:38 When 20 beautiful children stormed through heaven’s gate Their smiles were contagious, their laughter filled the air They could hardly believe all the beauty they saw there They were filled with such joy; they didn’t knowContinue reading “Heartbreak”

Permanent Snowflakes

Snow is sheer miraculous stuff. Now, in all honesty, I’m the first to grumble when those freezing pre-dawn car-scraping sessions are required . . . but . . . I love lace. And what is snow if not the most perfect of all laces? Have you ever managed to catch a snowflake or two on theContinue reading “Permanent Snowflakes”

Christmas Shopping – What a Find?!

While Christmas shopping this year, I have seen several interesting (read that euphemistically) gift options I might recommend to you… these particular gifts are for very specific people in your lives, those hard-to-shop-for ones that I have taken the liberty of identifying on behalf of the stressed-out shopping population . . . you know, just toContinue reading “Christmas Shopping – What a Find?!”

Advent-ures: Going Nutty!

So, What Do Nativities Have  To Do With Nut Cookies? Bear with me, they connect in my mind (somehow ) . . . Not everyone knows that the French nativity scene, or La Crèche de Noël, is more than just your average Mary-Joseph-BabyJesus-Shepherds-Angel deal. Most American people (like me) grew up with your average nativityContinue reading “Advent-ures: Going Nutty!”

Advent-ures: A Very Netflix Christmas

Back when I was new to being a kid, I remember getting disproportionately excited on those two nights in late November/early December when I was allowed to stay awake and watch Christmas Specials! As the youngest of 4 (later to be displaced by my darling bouncing baby brother), it was always a big deal toContinue reading “Advent-ures: A Very Netflix Christmas”