A Chocolate Must*


What, you might ask, is the best thing to do when you happen to own a moustache lollipop mold?

molded moustacheEspecially if you happen to also be in possession of some colorful cocktail stirrers and a wealth of sprinkles, as well!

whachuneed The answer is clear, mes amis! It’s time to make yourself some magnificently mustachioed chocolate pops with a healthy sprinkling of color! Press the sprinkles into the back of the mold over the chocolate before the chocolate sets! (See Below)


Now all that remains is to wrap up these chocolates in some gifty bags for easier transportation and joyful consumption.


Felt the [g]LOVE!

I recently stumbled upon a few pairs of soft red gloves inhabiting the last lonely sale rack of a post-Christmas seasonal apparel massacre. I couldn’t just leave them there. As a born and raised north-easterner who has ample experience with nor’easters, I quite justifiably love gloves. Then again, the practical among you might protest (and you would be right in pointing out), I have many gloves. These gloves are not anywhere near as decorative and adorable as the usual gloves I love. . . so, in circumstances such as these, when faced with a glovely bargain, you must ask yourself :

What do you do dear?

for starters

WELL, I’m glad you asked. What did I do? I bought them in a fit of bargain-price-induced impulse. This story, marked as it is by thrift-price induced spendthrifty-ness,  might have ended there, with the little red gloves uselessly gathering dust-bunnies in an environment rife with buyers-remorse . . . but it doesn’t. Instead the previously-orphaned little glovelies just needed a little love added into their sparse lives. Thankfully, I happen to still be in possession of an unholy amount of felt. With a snip-snip hear and a snip-snip there, a small bland square of pale pink felt was soon transformed…

felt thatAll that remained was to gather the tools needed to equip my (seriously) meager excuse for sewing ability . . .

thread. . . and shortly thereafter, the humdrum red gloves – those gloves that might once have disappeared into your average target cart like Waldo in a sea of candy-canes – were utterly transformed by the easiest DIY valentine-ification imaginable.

Behold: A New Kind of Gloves!


Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can have it on your pinky?

The Beautiful Day Remedy

Occasionally, in the whir of daily life, it is easy to lose track of the small things that are so lovely about being alive. If you, like I sometimes am, are feeling cooped up or even just slightly stifled by the routines to which you remain relatively faithful, I have the perfect remedy.

More Happy


Step 1: Be Productive, but don’t overlook the smile-bringing moments of your day!

For Example: 

Today, my students were working independently on a French History Project when I overheard the following conversation:
Student A: What’s your era again?
Student B: The second Napoleonic Empire.
Student A: Aww, I’m the third republic! Isn’t that PRUSSIOUS!

Step 2: Soak in some sunshine, however you can get it!

If you just happen to live in driving distance from the Coolidge Reservation in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, I highly recommend it!

Ocean's Lawn

Step 3: Get reacquainted with your local public library, paying specific attention to the old books that nobody ever remembers to open!



(Page 1 of This Side of Glory, by Gwen Bristow)

Step 4: Bake yourself a delicious pizza with whatever you might have on hand


(tip on awesome pizza crust: 2 &1/2 cups flour, 1 pkt/1 Tbsp yeast, 2 Tbsp oil, 1 Tbsp sugar, 1 tsp. salt – mix it good, let it rise 15 minutes and then top with whatever you have lying around – bake at 400 for about 20 minutes and voilà!)

Step 5: Own an adorable cat.


Step 6: Watch the  movie “Leap Year” (courtesy of the Library)

. . . and fall a little bit in love with Matthew Goode’s character Declan, who has a pretty wonderful accent. And even if you don’t fall in love with him, it’s an adorable movie. Plus, if you’re lucky, you also got Taken at the library, so there is an option if Leap Year doesn’t quite do it for you!

Oh. Man.


Finally (Step 7), wrap up your day with a healthy dose of warmth…

Think about the good things that filled the day, forget the moments that made you angsty (because they pale in the beautiful sunshine that dazzles Ocean’s lawn and you can’t even see them beyond the forgotten stacks of glorious forgotten books. Just take a moment to feel good and tuckered out before snuggling down for the night – holding on to the beautiful facets of the day you just lived.

good dayvia

Pink Cake

Today is a berry-flavor kind of day!

Sometimes, when you need to make something deliciously dessert-y, you just don’t feel up to the sexy-levels of chocolate or the stickiness of caramel, am I right? Lets face it, sometimes the last thing you want is MORE hot(t) or sticky! Welcome to the summer desserting dilemma . . . I know, I know, this post is slightly ahead of its season.  However, in case you are facing one of these moments of desperation, I would not want you to remain sans resources within my power to provide. (I’m like a recipe philanthropist?) On those rare occasions where I can’t stomach the idea of caramel or chocolate, I find myself turning to some new stand-by flavors, and a coworker of mine was gracious enough to share the delectable recipe for the decadent Raspberry-flavored goodness to follow.

Now, I believe this delightful delicacy originally had some fancy name that involved the words lace and layer, but I never remember it, so I like to simplify and call this Pink Cake.  Because . . .  its pink.

 Maybe it’s the primarily girly stereotype attached to this magnificent color, but the whole luscious confection (complete with layers of raspberry preserves, white cake, and pink frosting!) just screams “ladylike” and “delicious”. . .

Maybe I should start calling it Luscious Lady Cake. . .?

(But I feel like that sounds a little cannibalistic…or slightly awkward)

I could also just call it Magic By The Cake . . . since I’m pretty sure tasting this cake might possibly transport the eater to a magical tea-party where everyone is wearing pink hats, white organza, and spotless gloves with pearl buttons in a sunlit pavillion. That’s not all, the truly magic part is that nobody is uncomfortable in this strange tea-party world . . . and all this because you happen to be enjoying some Pink Cake. Probably accompanied by Pink Lemonade and cucumber sandwiches while the scent of peonies and lilacs wafts all around you. . .

In any case, what’s in a name? This cake is tasty. You should probably try it . . .

SO, please read on for the complete recipe for this cakely beauty. 

First, gather all requisite ingredients listed below:

Pink CAKE!

Then it’s time to follow directions! 

After that, all that’s left is to don your white gloves (literally or figuratively) and sink your teeth into a bite of this fluffy, raspberry-filled goodness!

Feel free to sip tea from a china cup, and go ahead and crook your pinky while you’re at it . . . this cake deserves all the fancy ceremony  you might feel like giving it. 

Let me know if you give it a try!

I Can’t Even Clap and Sing At The Same Time…

Okay, maybe with The Stellas for parents, you’re a shoe-in for the genetic talent lottery, but I still cannot stop my internal jaw-drop when these girls start singing. At the ages of 8 and 10, Maisy and Lennon Stella are showing up a lot of our top musicians as far as raw talent goes. Plus, they seem to be quite lovely/unspoilt by popular culture. I hope it lasts. I also hope you enjoy their music as much as I did!

You’re what the French Call . . .

Les Misérables…

memed a meme

le miserable




friend zone

in a nutshell


Having seen the movie three times now, and having officially cried the first two, I have finally reached the point where I can laugh about Les Mis jokes… I’m not sure if this is progress, or if I am becoming emotionally jaded. If nothing else, it’s proof positive that that one of the morals of the musical is true…

true that...