Surrounded by Beauty!

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the indescribable beauty you are observing that you get a little sad, because no photo will ever be able to capture the incredible sight before your eyes? Any photo you take or picture you snap will only ever be a pale reflection of the stunning sight before yourContinue reading “Surrounded by Beauty!”

Four Seasons – Not Just A Restaurant

You never understand the reality of living in New England until you have forgotten what the front porch looks like without salt stains, you can’t remember what it feels like to walk on dry pavement (forget about grass!), and you can tell that there was an overnight snowfall merely because of the pale white qualityContinue reading “Four Seasons – Not Just A Restaurant”

Petticoat Mania

Chiffon, Silk, Ruffles, Lace, Tiers via I have a major obsession with petticoats. Perhaps this is not a surprise to some. It’s just that petticoats make every full skirt behave the way it should, you know? There is something inherently feminine and inexplicably satisfying about donning a few layers of lace chiffon and sashaying fromContinue reading “Petticoat Mania”

Paint + Wine + Friends = EXCELLENT

Once upon a few months ago, my dear friend KTD asked if I wanted to rally the troops and sashay over to Newtonville, Massachussetts for my very first visit to The Paint Bar. If you are like my past self and are unaware of what this magical-sounding location might be . . . well, allow me toContinue reading “Paint + Wine + Friends = EXCELLENT”

True Confessions of a Klutz

I feel like I should start this like the stereotypical AA meetings you see in movies. You know: “Hi, my name is Abby, and I am a klutz.” Why are we talking about this? Well, because I want to share my lament in hopes that it might encourage others not to bemoan their own klutz status.Continue reading “True Confessions of a Klutz”

JOYEUSE St.Valentin!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Check out  some of the notes that I shared with Friends  (and students!) on this lovely day: And. . . because laughter is just wonderful: My handsome valentine: The cupcakes I made for my students:  The adorable sweet notes that I received at work today! A very Happy Valentine’s Day toContinue reading “JOYEUSE St.Valentin!”

Passive Aggression

Passive and Aggressive behaviors should be mutually exclusive; they’re a true paradox, don’t you think? According to a printable worksheet regarding Passive and Agressive Behaviors that I read recently, Passive Communication is described as “When using passive communication an individual does not express their needs or feelings. Passive individuals often do not respond to hurtful situations, and instead allow themselves toContinue reading “Passive Aggression”

Soda Shoppe Sock Hop!

It‘s a Soda Shoppe Sock Hop!!! What better way to brighten up the winter months than with the charming colors of the fifties and the sweet classical feel of a soda shoppe? Think  of young Jimmy Stewart serving up soda fountain drinks. . .      via Now, as my three student Dance Committee volunteers and IContinue reading “Soda Shoppe Sock Hop!”