Shake it, Shake-a-Shake Shake it!

  via I am currently in love with making shakes, and not the Chik-fil-A/insanely delicious/add-five-pounds kind. I’ve been having some healthy smoothies to replace breakfast and as a snack here and there, and I’m loving them. Here are my two favorite healthy shakes of late: The Breakfast Smoothie: 1/2 Scoop Raw Protein Powder (I useContinue reading “Shake it, Shake-a-Shake Shake it!”

My First Day of School: Abroad

I wrote this back in 2007, right after moving to France for the year, and I decided that it might be worth sharing. Every time I get nostalgic for travel and life abroad, it helps to remember that it was not actually perfect, as nostalgia tends to render events past. This is the rundown ofContinue reading “My First Day of School: Abroad”

Hook Me.

First, before you can proceed with giving advice, you must watch this video: I’m in Phase 6. Asking that horrible “what now???” question. I’ve read everything I can about Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Katniss Everdeen, Lucy Pevensie, Bella Swan (yeah, yeah, get over it), Cimorene of Linderwall, Veralidaine Sarrasri, Meliara Astiar, and a whole slew of even-lesser known protagonists.Continue reading “Hook Me.”

The Blair Witch Project: A Roommate Drama

The steady pounding resonated through the entire house. THUD. THUD. THUD. THUD. THUD. Each contact was made with such force that I felt anxiety resonate in the pit of my stomach . . . and no small amount of concern for the floorboards. My roommate, Blair, was demonstrating what Caitlin (my other roommate) likes toContinue reading “The Blair Witch Project: A Roommate Drama”

Eerily Similar

There are some people that look just eerily alike . . .  Such as, can you always tell the difference between Clark Gable and George Clooney? via, via Or what about Amy Adams and Catherine Deneuve?   via, via Who is whose doppelgänger? Do you have a lookalike? I once had a roommate that looked remarkably like Regina Spector.Continue reading “Eerily Similar”

Une Histoire Triste; A Sad Story

Allright, this is one of the first stories that I have written in French. As per certain requests, I have also translated it. Since it’s true that everything loses something in translation, I tried to make it as true to my intent (as the author) as possible. Sorry that it is sad. It is aContinue reading “Une Histoire Triste; A Sad Story”

The end of Raoul: A Melodrama (a.k.a. Le Poisson Rouge Se Meurt)

I wrote this a few years ago and, after I stumbled upon it recently, I decided it was worth a laugh or two. So, in memory of Raoul and also Babette, Enjoy! It was a long slow float into the darkness. . . but I should begin at the beginning. My usually-chipper Fancy black goldfish,Continue reading “The end of Raoul: A Melodrama (a.k.a. Le Poisson Rouge Se Meurt)”

Blast From The Past: Cultural Angst

When I think back to living in France, it usually is with that rosy nostalgia-induced view that perhaps embellishes a little over time, but life was not always the scintillating cultural magic that it appears to be in the photographs . . . a few days ago I came across the following chat-conversation between anotherContinue reading “Blast From The Past: Cultural Angst”