Thoughts From Paris

A few years ago, I wrote this while travelling in Paris: Paris, and what I am currently thinking about it. . . via 1.) I am writing my thoughts in a list, because I have lost all ability to think clearly and numbers give a facade of organization to my chaotic stammering sentences. This isContinue reading “Thoughts From Paris”

Beer + Marshmallows?

The word “beer” always makes me think of the scene from Mickey Blue Eyes when Hugh Grant’s proper English character is trying to pretend to be a mobster and really can’t fake an italian accent! Now, unlike Hugh, accents I can do, but I’m not much of a beer person. Despite that, I’m just asContinue reading “Beer + Marshmallows?”

Prom: Life’s a Ball!

The theme for our Prom this year is Masquerade! So, as is the now-annual tradition, I have the privilege of planning/coordinating the aesthetic details, in all their (hopefully creative) glory! After last year’s fishy-centerpieces and Enchantment under the Sea theme, I was pretty excited at the potential for timeless elegance as a decorative choice thisContinue reading “Prom: Life’s a Ball!”

Piece of Cake? Apparently not.

You would think that, once you master the technique, writing on cakes wouldn’t be too terribly difficult. . . but there is significant evidence to the contrary. via I have done my fair share of chuckling at the cake wrecks that are posted online. I think the unintentional ones are my favorite. via But, yesterday,Continue reading “Piece of Cake? Apparently not.”

One Swell Picnic!

What is a picnic without scrumptious food? Not too long ago I had the chance to help host a little picnic in honor of a friend. Despite being rained indoors for the majority of the day, I managed to put together some tasty treats for the meal – because what is a picnic, if notContinue reading “One Swell Picnic!”

Rockin’ the Garden

I am a novice gardener . . . you know, the kind that still freaks out when there are spiders in the dirt and has to repeatedly call her Dad to ask if it is finally time to plant the cucumber seeds. I’ve never had a green thumb, or even wanted one, until recently. I thinkContinue reading “Rockin’ the Garden”

Trash v. Treasure

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. At least, that’s how the saying goes . . . but sometimes our trash can also be our own darn treasure, non? Why should “another man” get all the benefits of your trash? That’s right, you seize that trash and you make it your own treasure. (Insert ironic z-snapContinue reading “Trash v. Treasure”

Walking For A Cause . . .

Last weekend, I joined my sister’s family to do the 2013 annual Walk for Hunger. . . just to be clear, this means that I was one of three adults responsable for a five-year-old, a three-year-old, two two-year-olds, an 11-month-old and an 8-month-old. (Did I mention that my sisters are foster-moms?) It was definitely anContinue reading “Walking For A Cause . . .”

WHAM! Expect the Unexpected.

I think my car has a magnetic force field that attracts bad drivers. via Specifically, the bumpers on my cars. In the past two years alone, I have needed three new bumpers.I thought that maybe the third bumper was the charm. . .  but just a few days ago, while stopped at a stop sign, anContinue reading “WHAM! Expect the Unexpected.”