Ithaca, New York

I strongly recommend a few wonderful things that I happened to do in Ithaca this past weekend. #1: Eat lunch at Viva Taqueria I had a Daddy-Daughter date while waiting for my car’s new tires to get aligned, and let me tell you, the burritos are killer! #2: Bask in the glory of Wegmans MyContinue reading “Ithaca, New York”

Brakes over Break…

Usually, a trip “home” to Ithaca, NY means a lot of beautiful experiences, and this long weekend trip was no exception! From sunrise on the lake (with Dad in a fishing boat!) to blueberry picking with Mom to local beer-tastings with dear old friends, this past weekend had a lot of lovely moments. However .Continue reading “Brakes over Break…”

Hamlet: A Positive Experience

Hooray for Hamlet!!! Maybe you think the excitement/exclamation points are a little ridiculous. Hamlet is not exactly the most positive story in the Shakesperian repertoire. Things I Free-Associate With Hamlet Include: Alas poor Yorrick über-morbid grave-digging humor bat-shit crazy heartbroken girlfriends soliloquies on suicide bloody death-fests with poison-tipped swords Overarchingly not-positive, right? You know notContinue reading “Hamlet: A Positive Experience”

A “Healthy” Treat

Occasionally, my sweet tooth hits an insatiable level, as I’ve mentioned before. In those moments, when my sugar cravings are hulking out, I have been attempting to enjoy sweet treats that have some redemptive scrap of nutritional value. Having finally wearied of turning on the oven to bake chick-pea based cookies (which are still delicious, by theContinue reading “A “Healthy” Treat”

Presley & Springfield

Today, after hearing Elvis’s The Girl of My Best Friend on my way to work this morning, I have decided that Jessie’s Girl is totally a rip-off. Compare: Elvis, in 1960 Springfield in 1991: Seems a little fishy. Maybe it’s not all that uncommon to be in love with your best friend’s girlfriend, though.

Take-A-Number Bars

Meet Zach. Zach is my little brother who got married (to the lovely lady pictured on the right above, incidentally) and moved to Florida temporarily where he is living my own personal dream: working in thrift stores and experimenting with new recipes. Now, is this his personal ideal? Probably not. But being in Florida soContinue reading “Take-A-Number Bars”

Shangri-La and Sangria!

Something about this summer is making me love the music of the sixties and anything chilled. I don’t really think there’s any great argument for sixties hits and cold drinks over any other era. . . but it really is quite a magnificent pairing. Don’t take me at my word, though! You should probably testContinue reading “Shangri-La and Sangria!”

A Travellogue

This was written just after Christmastime, at the start of 2007, as I travelled from Boston to Marseille after spending a short week home. Alright, let me preface my “travel thoughts” section with the somewhat-obvious point that I arrived safely and am now sitting in my room in Aix feeling very sleepy but wonderful afterContinue reading “A Travellogue”

Too Many

via You may have heard the old adage “Too many cooks spoil the batter“? (Batter, broth. . . you get the picture.) Well, I have just come to the distasteful (literally) realization that too many batters can also ruin a good cooking venture. Lets just say I got inspired to try to make my own PeachContinue reading “Too Many”

My Newly Mustachioed Pint Glasses

I was over at a blog called Make it & Love it, when I stumbled upon Ashley’s glass-etching post! It looked worth a shot, and I immediately went to my friendly neighborhood thrift store for some workable pint glasses. Four pint glasses later, I set about making the stencil . . . and settled onContinue reading “My Newly Mustachioed Pint Glasses”