Chocolate Truffle Tart . . .

I get nervous trying new recipes sometimes. I mean, who doesn’t? You never really know how it’s going to turn out – especially when it’s not posted by amateur bakers like yourself. Trying to mimic professional cooking conditions is not so easy when you rent an apartment with an electric stove and limited kitchen space.Continue reading “Chocolate Truffle Tart . . .”

Bring on the Cheesecake

Until this week, I had never made cheesecake before, but at student request I undertook my very first. I found this recipe and, after salivating (ridiculously) over the (ridiculously) delectable photos on Jennifer McHenry’s blog, I decided it would be my first foray into the land of cake and cheese.  I’ll let you go to theContinue reading “Bring on the Cheesecake”

The Apples of My Eye. . .

I have been apple picking four different times in the past few weeks. In addition to a raging case of poison ivy (and potentially-but-hopefully NOT . . .  Lyme disease?), I have been given some remarkable opportunities to creatively use apples.     By the time I had finished a small batch of apple sauceContinue reading “The Apples of My Eye. . .”