The Mascot Gavotte: And the Award Goes To . . .

via Recently, I was drinking my morning coffee and perusing my tumblr dash – you know: starting the day in a true summer-vacation fashion, and I came across a short blogpost (x)┬ásomebody had made about mascots . As you can see, the writer was basically saying that Mascots are a mockery of furries. Tangent: What’sContinue reading “The Mascot Gavotte: And the Award Goes To . . .”

Psalmody: Refuge

The chaotic whirling kaleidoscope of summer has left me feeling a little bit like Dorothy in Oz, waiting to get back to the familiarity and sweetness of my home routines. I have so many things to write about, adventures to recount, and stories to tell . . . but they will all have to waitContinue reading “Psalmody: Refuge”