Shangri-La and Sangria!

Something about this summer is making me love the music of the sixties and anything chilled. I don’t really think there’s any great argument for sixties hits and cold drinks over any other era. . . but it really is quite a magnificent pairing. Don’t take me at my word, though! You should probably test my theory, make yourself some white strawberry-lemon sangria (like I just did!) and listen to Little Eva (above) and The Lettermen (below) with me.

delicious white sangria

This is summer. 

AD/HD Scatterthoughts of Summer!

1.) I love crumbled goat cheese

. . . especially on salad with lightly oiled and sautéed sweet peppers. And Stop-n-Shop’s new balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing (found by the fresh spices in the produce section, in case you’re searching). YUM. Go eat it right now!!!

salad dressing yumminess


2.) Sometimes (in case you didn’t notice) when I am bored/distracted/feeling my ADD, I google things. And then, sometimes, I lose faith in the intelligence of Humanity:

Um, it's diabetes

3.) Popsicles are one of the best summery treats of all time.

My new favorite are Yasso vanilla bean bars.

4.) I am GARDENING!!!

Hooray for trying to grow a green-thumb! Check out my plants!


6.) I throw a FANTASTIC impromptu tea-party.


Cutest Girl in the World

"princess" ice cream

tea party!!

7.) I picked berries on Wednesday, and I pretty much felt like Princess Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty), except for the whole dancing woodland creatures part.


Summer as a 3 yr. Old

I have a major obsession with my adorable niece. Her name is Isabelle. We all call her Bizz. BizzerOne of my favorite things to do in the summertime is hang out with this delightful little 3 year old, and my first official week of summer has held a whole lot of Bizz, which means that summer is off to a great start!!!

My Girl and I

Hanging with Bizz (and various other kids under the age of five) is pretty fantastic, and it also gives me a fun excuse to do a lot of things that your typical 26-year-old might not normally do on days off. Examples include, but are not limited to:

1) Draw with Sidewalk Chalk


This is a very under-rated pass-time. With just a few sticks of chalk, a plain bit of blacktop can be transformed pretty incredibly into a whole new world!


#2: Get in Touch With The Inner Kiddie Pool

kiddie poolWhy do we ever stop playing in these? I mean, slip-n-slides might be hazardous (Ahem, at least according to Dane Cook), but the kiddie pool is nothing but a nice cold outdoor toe-dip on a hot day. . . what could be better?

#3: Make Jello Jigglers

gotta enjoy the jiggleNot for eating, for those of us over the age of 5 (aka those of us who have our adult-teeth to think about), but fun to play with regardless!

#4: Color!


#5: Be a Messy Eater


#6: Eat Obscene Amounts of Watermelon


#7: Let it All Hang Out. . .


#8: Share a little Platonic-yet-Public Display of Affection


And pretty much do any other wonderful things that strike your fancy! These are all pictures from the last few days of my life, and I feel so lucky that I get to see my summer through the eyes of a few under-the-age-of-three kiddos! Such fun!