Shangri-La and Sangria!

Something about this summer is making me love the music of the sixties and anything chilled. I don’t really think there’s any great argument for sixties hits and cold drinks over any other era. . . but it really is quite a magnificent pairing. Don’t take me at my word, though! You should probably test my theory, make yourself some white strawberry-lemon sangria (like I just did!) and listen to Little Eva (above) and The Lettermen (below) with me.

delicious white sangria

This is summer. 

The Little Things…

I love music, as you may already know.

Today, I received a digital copy of a song that I recorded as part of our music group this year. After giving it a listen, I was struck by one significant thought: I am unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to make music as part of my job. 

In honor of that thankfulness, I decided to share the recording of “Spain” (originally performed by Chick Corea) as it was performed by students and yours truly, in all it’s unpolished/live glory:

And if you haven’t had enough, feel free to listen to the unpolished version of Autumn Leaves that we put together in about an hour last week. I can’t say it was an “on” singing day for me (ouch, sometimes listening to yourself can be less than fun!), but I loved what my students did with their parts, and I’m so impressed with how much they love music and how much they teach me!