Heart-y Chicken Soup

Last week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided that warm chicken soup was just what I needed to fend off the grumpiness-inducinge snowstorm that was de-railing my evening plans. AND, I decided to put a heart-shaped spin on it, something I’ve done once before! Ingredients: 1 rotisserie chicken 1 yellow onion, diced celery, washed andContinue reading “Heart-y Chicken Soup”

Supernaturally Good

If you, like me, tuned in to watch the 200th episode of Supernatural last night, well. You know. You know that there are no words to describe what ridiculous rip-roaring supernaturally high school musicalish CHUCK-ness that we witnessed. If you didn’t watch it (or you did and understood nothing) . . . well I’m sorry. BUTContinue reading “Supernaturally Good”

Apple Cakey Goodness

This week, I made a cake. A cake that takes the cake, if you know what I mean. I found myself in possession of some very disappointing Red Delicious Apples (as all Red Delicious Apples tend to be) that were starting to grow even less appetizing over time. Thus, I went to find my AppleContinue reading “Apple Cakey Goodness”

Zombie Themed Treats!

This past weekend, I had a chance to attend my very first Zombie Prom. While the event itself was quite fun (who doesn’t like dancing and people watching with a bunch of undead characters in downtown Salem, MA?), I think the festivities preceding the dance itself were equally as delightful, so I thought I’d share withContinue reading “Zombie Themed Treats!”

Delicious Treats You Don’t Want to Miss in the Greater Boston Area

1. ANYTHING from Sugar Magnolia’s in Gloucester sign image via, french toast via This is the breakfast place that I take everyone to when they come to visit . . . and also the one that I go to WHENEVER I can come up with a reason to go out for breakfast! The food here is out ofContinue reading “Delicious Treats You Don’t Want to Miss in the Greater Boston Area”

[Salad] Bar NOTHING

Summer meals are sometimes less-than-appealing to plan . . . particularly if it happens to be on the hotter side. SO, I just thought I would remind you of an option that you may have written off! lettuce image via   That’s right. Now, salad sometimes sounds less-than-appealing. I mean, salad can just be soContinue reading “[Salad] Bar NOTHING”


I just made Baklava for the first time! What is baklava, you ask? Well,Google give us this handy definition:   OR, you could just look at this beautiful visual straight from my very own kitchen! I used the Pioneer Woman recipe, because, after reading her book, I decided that she is a kindred spirit and that IContinue reading “Baklava-lovah!”

The Aunt Donna Legacy: Making Pizza!

At the end of a long day, when I am too tired for creative meal preparation and too cheap for takeout, there is one perennial favorite recipe that resurfaces, coming to my rescue time and time again. Aunt Donna’s Pizza Crust Seriously, in my ever-growing Family Recipe Compilation Notebook, this is by far my mostContinue reading “The Aunt Donna Legacy: Making Pizza!”

Valentines for School Days!

In honor of my favorite holiday, I made a valentine snack area in my classroom! It included: Juice! KETTLE CORN! Oranges! Granola Bars!!! I hope you other teachers out there do something for your students to remind them that you think they’re great!!!

I’m a [VALEN-]tiny bit excited.

via When I say I love Valentine’s Day more than any other holiday, I get a multitude of reactions. Most frequently some version of this: via Occasionally, I’ll get something more like this: via But usually it’s more like this: via I have ranted in the past about why I think people need to getContinue reading “I’m a [VALEN-]tiny bit excited.”