15 Ways to Share the Love . . .

I firmly believe what the author Rose Franken said!

In keeping with this spirit, I would like to give you all some last-minute Valentine Ideas to share your love with people with an acceptable degree of silliness!

1.) Love Like a Fat Kid:

This would be cute accompanied with the gift of cake, no?

2.) Love Geographically

Definitely an adorable long-distance card!

3.) Love Unexpectedly:

Sometimes the sentiment means something more profound when put in a new way!

4.) Love with Individualized Compliments:

Saying someone is pretty . . . that’s overdone. Now, THIS is a compliment I could be thrilled to receive!

5.) Love-One-Up Somebody Famous

Think about it: Paula Deen. Oprah. Then think about how much better than them you are at loving people than they are at loving their specialty.

6.) Super-Crafty Love:

This is both an expression and an inventive toy which can amuse for the rest of the day!

7.) Love In Correct Terminology

Let your inner nerd out and make a very straightforward black-and-white card!

8.) Love the Shock Value!

Sometimes we need that slap-in-the-face of something shocking to get the message across!

9.) Love Sweetly

Sending some dynamite Rolos, share the love explosions!

10.) Love with nerdy sketchy-ness!

These librarian cards are the perfect blend of stalker and nerd-dom, don’t you think?

11.) Love Modernly

Put things into terms that the modern, tech-savvy individual can fully grasp!

12.) Love like a Child!

Why not have a little Throw-back to your childhood and show your valentine how much you love them!

13.) Love with Elderly References!

Sometimes, false teeth puns are perfect.

14.) Love with Vampires

Um, sometimes a little Damon Salvatore is all it takes for true love!

15.) Get Topically Nerdy:

Make a pun that involves some kind of nerdy topic. Example?

There you go.

Go forth and Share the LOVE!

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