Branching in?

Spending time with one of my favorite people is NEVER a chore. . . and our most recent weekend was no exception!

We revisited an old haunt, and walked away with amazing new books!

With considerable pinspirational eye candy we tackled making stellar headband-roses . . .  and succeeded! I’ll have to share my pictures of that one some other time since I cleaned my room and can’t seem to find anything today!

Grey rose headband.


We watched part one of the Epic Saga Gone With The Wind:

Amid the scads of fun projects we tackled, one lovely little project got lost.  Since we got so caught up watching Scarlet O’Hara’s obnoxiously tenacious crush on Ashley, we never got around to making our ever-blooming “flower” arrangements. Finally, a week or two later, I managed to find the time!


I love fresh flowers and these are a nice low-cost substitute! All you need is bare branches/sticks and scrapbook paper!

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