Abdul Rehman

Someone named Adul Rehman, from Greece, hacked into my account on Paypal and bought a shit-ton of computer crap. And I am SO MAD. I even looked him up on facebook to see if I should send him some scathing messages. But there were more than one. They all look pretty shady to me.

Abdul #1:

Abdul #2:

(Miley Cyrus . . . SERIOUSLY?!)

Abdul #3:

GRRRR. I am so mad. It might not even be one of these guys, but the douche-bag level of their profiles . . . and the profiles of EVERY Abdul Rehman from Greece . . . leads me to suspect otherwise.

I don’t even know what this next thing says, but it looks like DAMIT and ANGST together, so it seems fitting. Plus its in German, which is angstier than any other language I’ve encountered.

Take that, Abdul.

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