A Poetic Blast from the Recent Past…

A few months ago, while fighting boredom in a session of forced concentration, I wrote two poems. Now I think I will share them…

Poem #1: What is Stress?

What is stress?

an aching between the disks in my lower spine as I twist, sitting far too long in my desk chair

a throbbing at the temples

low battery power

a furrowed brow

a day in the life of melodramatic teenagers

not being sure how to spend your meager time

having a house full of guests and no ice


realizing that there is no toilet paper. . . or tissues

an attempt to express busy-ness as mere emotion

stepping in a puddle in canvas shoes

a nightlight

the flu

a deadline passed unnoticed


a kid in crisis

impromptu observations

being in the middle

This is stress.

Poem #2: Math Wrath

Math is worse than torture

or plague; black death and hell.

Being stuck out in a scorcher . . .

inside a dried up well.

When walking near the math wing

my skin breaks out in hives

kids who love this math thing

should re-assess their lives.

My math teacher just hates me.

With endless rows of tasks

she taunts, provokes, and baits me

with each question she asks.

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