Grrrrrr. . .

Nope. No Tony-the-Tiger finish for that.

Usually, I am the person who attempts to find silver linings wherever possible.

Usually, I might be that person who hangs inspirational posters to encourage others to look on the bright side. But not today. This is a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad day, and this is my angsty confession.



That’s right, you heard it. I am cranky. Today, I do not feel good, and I am going to complain. If I were going to write a note to a friend today, it would be an apology for my mood. What are my reasons? Well, I (still) do not feel good. Plus, it felt like everybody I encountered today (with some notable exceptions) decided to showcase their best impressions of obnoxious complaining brat-children today. My Dad would say some wise thing like, “this too shall pass”. . . but today all I can think is: 


It’s been one of those days where you just feel a little bit like nothing is going the way you want it to. I quit drinking coffee a few weeks ago and I think perhaps that is my problem. . . my lack of caffeine-induced morning niceness is skewing the whole day. Before I know it, I wind up like this kid:

It’s at times like these that I need to be reminded: I mean, I could have cancer, or somebody I love could have died. I could be homeless or job-less. There are many things that could be worse. Thus, why I typically look on the bright side. But sometimes, even trying to look at the bright side gets thwarted…

So, on this March 4th, which I usually take as a positive rallying cry to proceed on into the month of may (MARCH FORTH!!!). . . I wound up cranky as all get-out, and oscillating between crazy disorganization and feeling like my day was spinning wildly out of my realm of comfort. My hair was a mess, and so was my mental organization.

There are very few days when I wish I had a secret-meany book. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t like violence, and even if given the option, I don’t think I’d even smack somebody I was annoyed with. If anything, I’d probably yell. But some days just seem to call for an addition to the people-I-want-to-punch-in-the-face lislt.


Anyhow, there you have it. See? I have bad days like the rest of them – particularly when I am on anti-biotics that make me sick, but still running a fever. Or when my students are rude or complain all day. Or when I don’t get to eat lunch, and didn’t have time for breakfast. Or when I stay at work for 11 hours and STILL don’t feel on top of things.

In the interest of full disclosure, however, three positive things did happen today. First: Some of my students were downright awesome. Second, I made homeade pizza with broccoli and peppers for dinner (yay for lunchtime leftovers tomorrow!). Third, two of my wonderful alums came back to visit and showed me one of the funniest websites I’ve encountered in a long time, which was a definite bright spot.

Published by Abby

Dabbling in decoratives is an ongoing obsession. I love having a go at This, That and the Other. . . tackling projects that tickle my fancy, hoarding costumes (for the "Someday" that I own a dress-up tea-house for grown-ups) and hosting themed parties whenever I am not immersed in teaching French and Writing to high school students. In the interest of full transparency, there's something serious you should know: I overuse the ellipsis . . . frequently. Embarassingly enough, it seems to be the punctuation that best captures my stream of thought as it flits off of one subject and towards the next!

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