Walking For A Cause . . .


Last weekend, I joined my sister’s family to do the 2013 annual Walk for Hunger. . . just to be clear, this means that I was one of three adults responsable for a five-year-old, a three-year-old, two two-year-olds, an 11-month-old and an 8-month-old. (Did I mention that my sisters are foster-moms?) It was definitely an adventure – I even made t-shirts the night before!

All of the kids shirts looked like this:

This is how we roll...

Then the adult shirts looked like this:

push it

Get it? You know, because they rolled along in strollers, and we pushed them???

Needless to say, 6 children, three double-strollers, several hours, and twenty miles later, I was pretty wiped, but I can proudly say that it was for a good cause!

All the Kids - Walk for Hunger

Unfortunately, as is my way, I subsequently contracted some sort of stomach bug and was down for the count most of the week. . . boo. But not to worry, Friday is here, the sun is shining, and I’m going to share some new projects with you soon!


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