Piece of Cake? Apparently not.

You would think that, once you master the technique, writing on cakes wouldn’t be too terribly difficult. . . but there is significant evidence to the contrary.

cake wrecks...via

I have done my fair share of chuckling at the cake wrecks that are posted online. I think the unintentional ones are my favorite.


But, yesterday, when I went to get some cake for my little brother’s graduation pic-nic, was the first time I’ve ever experienced the pit-falls of professional cake decoration first-hand!

The first cake wasn’t so bad. . . 

Happy Graduation . . . cake

. . . but the second was a little less fortunate. What did I ask for? I asked if it could read:

“Hooray! You did it!”

What did I get?

Graduation Cake Wreck

Yup, that’s right. Ho-Yay.

Really: Look closer!


Well, suffice it to say, my brother was thrilled with the message! This is him making his best “Ho-YAY” face before digging in:


And with that, my brother, the baby of the family, finished college and set off for bigger and better things (ahem: he’s getting married in 1 week!). I’m so proud of him!

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