Some Lace Love

It all began with a frame.

Just a simple frame. I liked the shape. It fit the naked wall I happened to have at my disposal . . . and so this project began.A SImple Frame

Now I just had to figure out what the heck I would put inside it. I took the shabby piece of cardboard the fit the frame, and covered it with some lovely black contact paper I happened to have lying around. THEN, I found my unreasonably large store of lace.

The Ingredients . . . aka: Lace

As I laid the lace out, I realized how truly lovely this might wind up looking! I overlaid the different pieces of lace, using the occasional piece of tape to attach it firmly in place. Laying it out. . . LaceAfter it was all settled, I used some fabric stiffener to spray it all down and keep it from getting all bent out of shape!

Spray the lace

Once that was dry, all it took was a little maneuvering, I put it in the frame, and hung it on the wall! The effect was just what I wanted, so pretty!

Lace Decor - No Sew

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