Props to the Photobooth!

I submit that there are few (if any) events that would not be improved by the presence of a photo booth.

I’m sure many could (and would) argue on the particulars of that statement. Funerals, for example, might be an inappropriate place for gloriously-silly, prop-laden photo antics . . . but really, I think it could just be that nobody has ever tried having a photo booth at a funeral. It could at least lighten the mood a titch, right? Maybe I’ll add it to my funeral plan request list. Talk about putting the fun into funeral.

Anyway, funerals aside, I think we can all agree that photo booths are highly fun ways to enhance your wedding/prom/dinner party. I am the proud owner of an ever-increasing series of items that make up my very own photo-booth trunk (largely thanks to years of yard-sales, thrift stores, and assorted ridiculous costume undertakings). At each Prom I’ve planned, we have incorporated a photo booth, and the resulting pictures have been well worth the minimal effort required!
photo booth fun

As a now-veteran photo booth planner, there are a few items which I feel qualified to highly recommend.

Item #1: a picture frame

purple frame

I picked the above frame up at a local thrift store for $2, spray painted it purple with a remnant can-of-spraypaint from my craft desk . . . and voila! This is an easy way to add a splash of color to photos, create some fun lines, and also personalize the colors incorporated into your photos.

Item #2: a parasol (or umbrella)


This is not rocket surgery folks. Parasols are visually very interesting and quite pretty. They add dimension to photos and they’re noticeably unusual to see (although not all that hard to find!) so they make for good photos. This one was a thrift-store find, but I know that you can usually get them at craft supply stores like A.C. Moore, and even the dollar store occasionally.

Item #3: a large theme-based prop

lollipop prop

Whether your theme is Candyland (as it was for the above photo-booth!) or growing up a nineties kid (ahem, see the next photo) having one large and ridiculous theme prop is crucial. The big fake lollipop made it into a lot of photos, as did the Pimpin’ Plush Scooby-Doo ( Yeah, that growing-up-in-the-nineties photo booth was a real doozy). Either way, one token hard-core theme prop is always a good idea!

Item #4: a backdrop

nineties-themed photo boothIf you can manage to swing it, themed backdrops are quite the magnificent touch. HOWEVER, even if you don’t have a print design, a large black sheet works to give the final photos a cleaner look.

Item #5: something particularly random

the gooseYup. That is, in fact, a goose.

This particular photo booth had all sorts of fun props, but of all the options, I think the goose made it into the most photos. If you don’t have access to a life-sized papier-mâché goose replica, and lets face it, not many people do, don’t despair. There are other options. Find the strangest most random thing you can, and include it with all the other items! Sometimes you just need a touch of the bizarre to liven things up. 

One Final Prop Thought:

Photo Booth Props

Whether you go with these specific suggested items or not, you should definitely remember that the key to any good photo booth is VARIETY. Find a broad array of things that can be picked-up, put-on, or held. Add a photographer with a decent camera and a tripod (even an amateur!) and you’ve got the recipe for instant fun and memorable photos of even more memorable moments.



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Dabbling in decoratives is an ongoing obsession. I love having a go at This, That and the Other. . . tackling projects that tickle my fancy, hoarding costumes (for the "Someday" that I own a dress-up tea-house for grown-ups) and hosting themed parties whenever I am not immersed in teaching French and Writing to high school students. In the interest of full transparency, there's something serious you should know: I overuse the ellipsis . . . frequently. Embarassingly enough, it seems to be the punctuation that best captures my stream of thought as it flits off of one subject and towards the next!

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