What I Love Today:

#1: I want to be cool enough to have made this video first: I’m obsessed! 

#2: I seriously laughed out loud at these salient questions concerning Disney’s Beauty and the Beast


(Seriously, read them.)

#3: While giving me a routine cleaning, my dental hygienist told me “I’m not stalking you, but I drove by your school recently.” She also offered to be on call if I need anything when I get my tonsils out in two weeks. My healthcare professionals are the bomb.




#4: This morning, I learned that Lemmings NEVER actually were in the habit of jumping of cliffs to commit mass suicide – a lie which was, in fact, initiated and perpetuated by none other than Walt Disney! Don’t believe me? Google it.


#5: Today I overheard a student telling another student about me, and they said: “She’s pretty cooky, but she’s not insane!”

Life: An Opportunity for Masquerade!

My tongue-in-cheek Staff Award of 2012  might clue you in to my affinity for costumes.

I know I’ve mentioned it before. . .

. . . but it bears repeating: I love costumes.

Well, today I encountered a new TOP REASON why I need to learn to sew. Lead by a suggestion (from a friend who knows me well!) to check out a certain Etsy dealer, I was blown away by the elaborate Disney-costumes-for-grown-ups I found!


Each one I saw seemed more fabulous than the last!


Sleeping Beauty’s dress even came in both Pink and Blue – to be accurate to the film!!!


and. . . (I was saving the best for last) . . . Cinderella’s was my favorite of all!


So, who wants to teach me how to sew dresses?