Surrounded by Beauty!

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the indescribable beauty you are observing that you get a little sad, because no photo will ever be able to capture the incredible sight before your eyes? Any photo you take or picture you snap will only ever be a pale reflection of the stunning sight before your eyes. The beauty that you witness is not portable. It is at moments like those that I find myself thinking: via

I am going to share with you a few pictures I have taken during moments that took my breath away, in hopes that you will be equally as astounded as I am that photos of such beautiful moments – exquisite though the subject matter is – show just a fraction of the incredible nature of reality. If you can fathom that concept, then you will realize that there is so much beauty around us on a daily basis, so much wonder to behold, that maybe it can serve as a reminder to take advantage of the things we see with our own eyes!

Le Coucher du Soleil  

beauty on the seine

Paris, France

Pathway to Versailles


le chateau de Versailles, France

The Good Board Walk


Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Le Papillon

butterlies in France

Aix-en-Provence, France

Ciel Du Passé


le chateau de Versailles, France


clouds drift

Pine Bush, MA


ferrin field - the view

Ferrin Field, Wenham, Massachusetts

Summer Heat

fire of summer

Beverly, Massachusetts

Wedding Day

 gorgeous sunrise

Geneva, New York

Wishfully Skee Rye Run

grandpa's drive

Pine Bush, Massachusetts


   nighttime in college

Gordon College, Coy Pond, Wenham, Massachusetts

Cloud Jumping

 puddles in paris

Le Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France

Lacey Fields

queen anne's lace

Trumansburg, New York

A Covenant Forever


Ithaca, New York

Reflections and Changes


The Lynn Wood, Massachusetts

A Sky on Fire

Sky on fire

Somewhere between Boston and New York…


summer sky

The Great Lawn, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts

Ice Over

Home and Ice

Ithaca, New York


More France

Somewhere in Haute Savoie, France



Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, New York

Through The Window


Aix-en-Provence, France

Driving Home

 the drive home

Somewhere on Rte 227 in New York State

Wild Tigers

tiger lillies

Trumansburg, New York

Glory, A Bus Ride Away


Le Tholonet, France

Tulips, One Dog

 tulips and puppies

Beverly, Massachusetts

Farewell, Formally

view from the omni

view from the top of the Omni Parker in Boston, MA

Come Thou Fount


somewhere near a metro stop in downtown Boston

Fields of Down

watercolor world

Near Crane’s Beach, Ipswich, Massachusetts

Make a Wish


Ithaca, New York

On The Front Porch


Ithaca, New York

Traveling Through

Light and Glory

Paris, France

Party like a BOSS(ton Terrier)

Growing up, my family was never much for birthday parties. Celebrations tended to require extensive house-cleaning, rendering parties less attractive by the relative unpleasantness of the preparation.

Now, I am not a rebel. Ask anyone. I’m a traditional, rule-following kind of girl. I am not one of those kids who left home and did everything their parents forbade during their youth. But, as far as birthday parties (or any parties, really) and family practices, I am a rebel. With any celebratory cause I can get my hands on.  No joke. Fact: I may be the last single almost-twenty-five-year-old who is also a die-hard Valentine’s Day fan.

So, it was with only momentary pause (because let’s face it, the concept is still a little . . . lovably ridiculous) that I threw myself into planning my roommate’s dog’s first birthday party. That’s right.

For you visual learners, that’s:

For such uncharted territory, I needed some definite (P)inspiration to get me started.

Once sufficiently inspired, next came some organisation and a little of the detail-oriented work I enjoy! I set about baking, detailing decor and hanging streamers like it was inter-office feuding and I was Dwight Schrute on the warpath.

Apparently, through the decades, some wonderful people have said wonderful things about dogs. I figured I would post a few of their thoughts for general appreciation, since most puppy-party invitees are confirmed dog-lovers!

My mom makes the most incredible cut-out cookies. In all honesty, I’m not a very inherently patient person, so making cut-out cookies is not the best job for me. I do love to decorate them, though! These are not my most intricate of creations . . . but I think I was maxed out after the  cake pops. . .

 With all of the sweets and treats abounding, we needed some refreshing drinks and savory snacks too!

DRINKLE = Lemonade (If you are thinking “oh-my-dear-sweet-Lord-in-Heaven . . . then I think you get the concept!)

Side note: We had to have these little fire hydrant cookies to go with the “Drinkle”. . . which was officially the nastiest, but most hysterical idea (birthed from a conversation with my darling,gourmet sea-salt-loving friend Katelyn!).

Puppy chow (chocolate peanut-butter chex mix) has to be one of the most-loved party treats of all time. . . and it just happens to look just like dog food while still tasting like MANNA! 

“Devil Dogs” are the perfect treat to help celebrate Winnie; They’re sweet, black and white, much-appreciated and 100% appropriately named – devilish!

In the end, all of the food, tasty treats and decorations were a mere backdrop for your average kids – ahem: puppy’s party. . . complete with presents, singing “happy birthday”,  and one exhausted post-party pup!

Even Winky-the-cat enjoyed herself!