Glow-in-the-Dark Crafty

IF you’re stuck inside on a rainy day and looking for something to do . . . I recommend using Martha Stewart’s glow-in-the-dark paint to make your own artsy glowing jars! These were fun, and pretty simple! I especially liked the ghostly jars! I think it would be fun to do a few for the sidewalk near Halloween! Quite a little compliment to some jack-o-lanterns!glow in the dark painting!


Permanent Snowflakes

Snow is sheer miraculous stuff.

Now, in all honesty, I’m the first to grumble when those freezing pre-dawn car-scraping sessions are required . . . but¬†. . .

I love lace.

And what is snow if not the most perfect of all laces? Have you ever managed to catch a snowflake or two on the outside of your mittens and then really looked at it before it melts? They’re downright exquisite! Check out these photos!

snowflakeThey’re from 1885, when a guy named¬†Wilson A. Bentley decided to take the first successful pictures of single snowflakes!


Now, since snowflakes have the tragic tendency to melt, there’s (alas) really no successful way to make beautiful (or lasting) jewelry out of them, SO, I decided to content myself with a lace-y substitute for the season at hand!

First, I snipped out some favorite bits of lace!

lace bits

Second, I laid them out and sprayed them . . .

(perhaps overenthusiastically) with something called “Stiffen Quik” (I think I got it at A.C. Moore!), which took some time to dry!

stiffen magic

Third, I had to assemble a few other tidbits!

jewelry making

Fourth, All the bits and pieces were assembled into LOVELY jewelry

(in my humble opinion)

earrings flowers

All that’s left is to wrap them up and share them with friends!

pretty earrings

. . . and maybe just maybe, I’ll save a pair for myself, too!