Delta Rae is My Musical True Love

Delta Rae - the Name in Lights Allow me to introduce you to my absolute favorite band, Delta Rae. Now, as soon as I say favorite, I feel guilty, because there are lots of bands that I love quite dearly who compete for the lead, but I think that, after seeing them perform live,  Delta Rae has moved up to first place. Delta Rae is, hands down, the best group of performers I have ever had the privilege to view live. The amount of talent, passion, energy, and no-holds-barred musical enthusiasm that is embodied in their work left me speechless. I really really liked their music before going to their show. . . now I am obsessed! Delta Rae Magnificence

What kind of music do they play?

They’re generally referred to as “American Folk Rock“. Interpret that as you will.

Who are they?

There are 6 band members in Delta Rae: Ian, Eric, Brittany, Liz, Mike, and Grant. Three of them are siblings (Ian, Eric, and Brittany Holljes) – WHICH IS JUST RIDICULOUS. I mean, one family should not be allowed to have that much talent. EVERYBODY in the band does some percussion work, but Ian Holljes  plays guitar and does vocals.  Eric Holljes also does vocals, plays the guitar, piano and keys. Brittany Holljes does insane vocals , as does Elizabeth Hopkins. Mike McKee does percussion, and Grant Emerson plays one awesome-looking-and-sounding bass guitar. With their powers combined, they make musical beauty.

Brilliance of Delta Rae

What makes them so awesome?

There are a lot of ways to answer this question, most of which could come from more qualified individuals – so I’ll just share one of my personal reasons. One of the major elements that makes Delta Rae stand out to me (as something of a vocalist) is how complex and diverse their vocals are. It’s rare to have that many strong lead vocalists in one band, and they don’t just pull it off – they kill it.

What should I listen to first if I’m new to Delta Rae?

I humbly recommend this sampling:


If you live in the greater Boston Area (or in reasonable driving distance), you can go to their show this Friday (June 20th!) as part of the Lowell Summer Music Series! I’ll be there!!!

Things ‘n Stuff…

Life Moments for General Shareage:

1.) There is nothing so wonderful as holding a sleeping baby.

. . . although, awake babies are pretty frickin fantastic, too. . .

2.) I am artsy.

3.) My brother is the recipient of far too many baked goods.

As an affirmed stress-baker, I am attempting not to become enormous, so, lately I’ve taken to dropping baked goods off on a weekly basis for my little brother and the six guys he lives with in a college dorm-appartment . . . I think they love me.

4.) Sometimes, when I am procrastinating, the things I find to take up my time can get a little ridiculous. . . 

5.) I am in love with Delta Rae’s song “Bottom of the River” 

Check it out:  . . . actually, maybe it’s just Delta Rae that I’m liking. . . since I enjoy their sound in most things I’ve heard so far. Exhibit B: