Delta Rae is My Musical True Love

Allow me to introduce you to my absolute favorite band, Delta Rae. Now, as soon as I say favorite, I feel guilty, because there are lots of bands that I love quite dearly who compete for the lead, but I think that, after seeing them perform live, ┬áDelta Rae has┬ámoved up to first place. DeltaContinue reading “Delta Rae is My Musical True Love”

Things ‘n Stuff…

Life Moments for General Shareage: 1.) There is nothing so wonderful as holding a sleeping baby. . . . although, awake babies are pretty frickin fantastic, too. . . 2.) I am artsy. 3.) My brother is the recipient of far too many baked goods. As an affirmed stress-baker, I am attempting not to becomeContinue reading “Things ‘n Stuff…”