Eerily Similar

There are some people that look just eerily alike . . .  Such as, can you always tell the difference between Clark Gable and George Clooney? via, via Or what about Amy Adams and Catherine Deneuve?   via, via Who is whose doppelgänger? Do you have a lookalike? I once had a roommate that looked remarkably like Regina Spector.Continue reading “Eerily Similar”

Le Vocabulaire Extraordinaire!

A few weeks ago, I shared a stellar student vocabulary doodle, if you’ll recall. . . Well, time has passed and my lovely student has continued to make me chuckle daily with her creative interpretation of le vocabulaire ! Check out her humorous illustrations of: “un/une colocataire“ (aka: a roommate)! “un sbire“ (aka: a henchman) “un sans domicile fixeContinue reading “Le Vocabulaire Extraordinaire!”