Snow Day To Do List:

Seeing as how I was highly grumpy when facing ANOTHER 16.5 inches of snow today (BLARGH), I decided it would be best to stay productive. Here are some snippets of what I did today, in hopes that they might inspire you out of the White Witch Blues. (Ahem: always-winter-never-Christmas, yes?) #1: Make HomemadeĀ Cocoa-Based Brownies! (IfContinue reading “Snow Day To Do List:”

Gooey, Chocolatey & Homemade

The Easiest, Best, & Quickest Brownies NOT From A Box Sometimes you just need brownies . . . and you don’t happen to have a brownie mix available. Then there’s the added problem: you’re fresh out of bittersweet chocolate, or (like me) you’re not in the habit of having that stuff just lying around (because,Continue reading “Gooey, Chocolatey & Homemade”