John Green: The Musical?

Me: I watch this French video blog sometimes – Student A: Wait, is that John Green? Student B: Would that be John Vert? Student C: That sounds too much like Javert. Me: Imagine John Green as Javert! Student C: That would’ve made Les Misérables an even better movie! Me: (internally)

Dear John (Green)

source Dear John, I have never written to an author before. Nor have I written any kind of “dear John” letter, for that matter. My name is, however, Abigail Adams, so it seems only fitting that I write my first actual fan mail to someone named John, now that I think about it. I wantContinue reading “Dear John (Green)”

Vlogbrothers: Saying it Best.

You haven’t heard of the Vlogbrothers?! Ever since watching the French Revolution Series (Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3), I have been unabashedly in love. I stumbled across this youtubular sensational mashup of family, humor, nerd-dom, and information, and then realized that John Green was actually the same John Green who wrote Looking ForContinue reading “Vlogbrothers: Saying it Best.”