The very word PROM evokes a pretty broad variety of responses. Whether you flash-back with rosy nostalgia or a hefty dose of post-traumatic stress, most of you probably remember paying some ungodly amount for tickets,  spending more for whatever get-up you chose, and spending the evening feeling a little surprised that this once-in-a-lifetime pinnacle moment, however much fun you had (or didn’t have, as the case may be) was still just a high school dance.

I have the (perhaps dubious) privilege of corralling my students into the details of prom planning. Needless to say, even with the most wonderful of students, the process is EXACTLY like herding kittens; adorable, fun, chaotic, exciting, and exhausting.

 Planning a high school prom is so very different from attending it. . . but takes a much greater level of forethought. It’s a little like planning a wedding actually (I know, I’m not married, but after having 4 consecutive roommates get engaged and married while living with me, I think I have an idea of the process!). You have to think about venue, menu, music, lighting, decor, favors, seating, emotional turmoil . . . and a whole host of things I’ve probably forgotten about already.  Now, this isn’t my first rodeo, thankfully, but I am hoping toup the ante a little this time around. To set the best possible tone, our prom committee has selected the more-than-classic stereotypical theme as featured by Marty McFly himself.


Key Elements I am coordinating? 

1.) Music – Dinner and Dancing:

Check out this (largely student-made) playlist for the DJ, folks!  

Prom Playlist 2012

2.) Marketing:

Plaster the School With Posters!

3.) “Bathroom Baskets” :

Prom Disaster Relief 101

This year we started the trend of putting together a basket of much-needed items for those moments when life should have an Oh-sh*t handle! This dance’s model is a cheery colored basket, primed to fill with everything from safety pins to duct tape.

4.) Foot Protection and Sanitation :


Heels are fun. Heels are beautiful. Heels are CUTE! Heels are NOT comfortable for dancing. THUS, the perennial kicking-off-of-shoes-for-dancing tradition. . .

A handy remedy for promoting clean and comfy feet is to provide a bin of cute socks . . . this prom’s model might just involve whales!

5.) Table Settings:

Flowers Are So Last Season.



That’s right. This year, we’re going for FISH as centerpieces!



Beside or our lively (literally) little centerpieces, there will be candles nestled amid  floating in “bubbles” (hydrated water beads) . . . and a lovely assortment of shells and starfish!

Our Centerpieces!

6.) Favors:

Band-it. Steal the Show.

Nobody needs another wine glass that says “Prom 2012”. . . but these little bands seem to be relatively popular for an alternative!

7.) Mad-Libs:

Socially Helpful – like one of Santa’s Elves in your handbag

Lets face it, sometimes conversation needs a little starter. . . enter the madlibs.

Well, there is more, but those are the biggies.  (Yes, Venue and Food are taken care of!)

Did I miss anything?

What is your favorite prom memory/idea? If you feel like sharing, I could use all the creative energy I can get!

Good Ideas for Thanksgiving : Part One

This is my first Thanksgiving.

Well, not really. I am 24. But this is my first Thanksgiving MEAL preparation, which has left me feeling something like this zebra:

Pinned Image I have made dozens of pies before and I am a prolific stress-baker, so that part is not too bad. . . but a TURKEY??? Somebody hand me a Giraffe, I think I’m gonna climb up and hide until Thanksgiving passes.

THANKFULLY, I have found some helpful websites which should give me a little guidance in this fowl endeavor!

For example, this one seems to give a lot of details. . . but its also a little confusing. Whole Foods provided a nice little set of tips and tricks which could come in handy on Turkey day, too.  The last article I read was called “Cooking Turkey for Chickens“, which seemed pretty a propos. These will be my consultants in the impending festivities.

We’ll see how this goes. It feels a little, you know, ME v. TURKEY. Like a final showdown, but I’m not sure who will actually be the victor! Do you know what I mean? Any advice is, of course, coveted.Pinned Image

Pinned Image

As far as the sides go, I’m feeling a little more confident. . . and even inspired! I just “found” this adorable turkey veggie platter plan, which I hope to execute nicely.

Actually, I already have some nice recipes that fit my Thanksgiving needs, which I am still (eek) in the process of  choosing from. But if there is some lack of inspiration, I’ll always have Martha.

Suffice it to say. Sides will include the following CONTENT:

We’ll see how it all turns out! Shoot me any suggestions you might have!