October 8, 2006.

Just Another Day _______________________ A Montage of Scenes based on the contents of CNN U.S. news on October 8, 2006. (Written in 2006 by a much younger version of me- Cakey!) _______________________ Rever’nd and Mrs. Lawson have three children still. Even after today. The whole fuss kicked up after lunch. Leastwise, that’s when I heard theContinue reading “October 8, 2006.”


The year was 2001. Early autumn sunshine and the riotous shock of fall color spiced my small-town high school with the short lived vigor of a new school year. Bemoaning the renewed novelty of academics, I was standing with a cluster of other sophomores when an announcement rang across the loudspeaker, almost  unnoticed. “Would NathanielContinue reading “Called.”