Silver. . . er, Faux Fur Lining

Feeling all: UGG?

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Perhaps you are like me and find these trendy conglomerations of faux fur and low-quality suede disturbing. Similar to crocks, these shoes leave me questioning whether comfortability justifies blatant unattractiveness . . . and pondering the wisdom of this frequently sported fashionable footwear.

In perusing the “Accessorize Daily” website I stumbled on the other day, I found the perfect picture that sums up my Ugg-ly feelings perfectly.

BUT, as pinterest was happy to remind me. . .

. . . Even Uggs.

SO, I have examined the problem from more angles . . . AND, I discovered a silver lining. . . an inner beauty, if you will. Ahem, (drumroll, please) when Uggs or Ugg-styled footwear is worn in the workplace, their price and popularity allow us to think they are adequate professional attire when in reality, we are merely enabled to WEAR OUR SLIPPERS TO WORK!!! It’s a genius (if somewhat expensive) illusion.

So: now you know the reason for the treason. Go forth and Ugg-ify your work day, friends. Rock those socially appropriate slippers! Just, for the love of God, please don’t wear them with a skirt!