Now and Then . . .

I am sometimes struck by the reality of how much our world has changed over the last 70 or so years… aren’t you?

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At Long Beach today, I overheard two girls talking about truly “deep” and serious topics like “is the freshmen fifteen really real?” and how “being curvier than somebody else just means that jealous people call you a slut – I mean, you can’t help it if you have big boobs and they show, right?”. It was another one of those moments when I just wished I lived in some alternate reality. Nothing too dramatic. But just a time when young ladies (I’m saying this at the ripe old age of 25) were a little classier and conversations (not to mention bathing suits!) had a little more substance.

I guess, like Merida from Pixar’s Brave, I should probably not wish too much for things to change. . . ┬áright?

Instead I shall to my teacherly duty and chisel away at my students and hope that- as a result – a few kids get wise . . . and classy.