Super Bowls (of Veggies)

I was born in New York. I live in Massachusetts. Whatever happens, my team will win tonight. I’m leaving it at that.

HOWEVER, in an effort to have no post-bowl regrets, I’m going to be attempting to have a few tasty healthy treats to bring to the superbowl viewing this year. I know it’s been done, but folks, welcome to:


The Big Rule of Cherry Tomatoes: Don’t go cheap. The good ones are A LOT better!

I’m a late convert to the world of peppers, but these crunchy little bites of color are sometimes just amazing!

Cucumbers are much-underrated. I mean, they usually get lost in salad or become limp and sickly looking in an old-fashioned cucumber salad, but these babies can do a LOT on their own! Put tuna on them for a delicious protein bite or dip them or whatever. They’re like nature’s own chip!

The art of the carrot sliver is in making them not-too-thick. Nobody wants to feel like they just broke a molar or are gnawing at something like the groundhog (beaver) from Winnie the Pooh. Remember him?

NOW, you have some pretty incredible Veggies. What do you plan to pair them with? Here are my options for tonight. . . we’ll see how good they turn out!

1. The World’s Best Salsa (see below) – possibly mixed with greek yogurt!

2.) Tuna with Mayo and Spicy Sauce!

You might be skeptical, but this is actually quite tasty!

And then we have:

3.) Everything Sauce:

This is a combination of greek yogurt, low-fat sour cream, a little bit of ranch, onions, italian spices, dill and garlic! I pretty much didn’t hold anything back. It’s surprisingly good (although it looks shiny b/c I took this picture through plastic wrap!)…

Now on to the game!

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Dabbling in decoratives is an ongoing obsession. I love having a go at This, That and the Other. . . tackling projects that tickle my fancy, hoarding costumes (for the "Someday" that I own a dress-up tea-house for grown-ups) and hosting themed parties whenever I am not immersed in teaching French and Writing to high school students. In the interest of full transparency, there's something serious you should know: I overuse the ellipsis . . . frequently. Embarassingly enough, it seems to be the punctuation that best captures my stream of thought as it flits off of one subject and towards the next!

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