Chocolate Chick Cookie Bites

I have a sweet tooth. Like, some people probably say that and think,”Awww, I have a sweet tooth too!” But your sweet tooth is like this: via My sweet tooth is more like this: via See the difference? Suffice it to say, I’ve never been one of those people that can give up candy orContinue reading “Chocolate Chick Cookie Bites”

Super Bowls (of Veggies)

I was born in New York. I live in Massachusetts. Whatever happens, my team will win tonight. I’m leaving it at that. HOWEVER, in an effort to have no post-bowl regrets, I’m going to be attempting to have a few tasty healthy treats to bring to the superbowl viewing this year. I know it’s beenContinue reading “Super Bowls (of Veggies)”