A “Healthy” Treat

Occasionally, my sweet tooth hits an insatiable level, as I’ve mentioned before. In those moments, when my sugar cravings are hulking out, I have been attempting to enjoy sweet treats that have┬ásome┬áredemptive scrap of nutritional value. Having finally wearied of turning on the oven to bake chick-pea based cookies (which are still delicious, by theContinue reading “A “Healthy” Treat”

Take-A-Number Bars

Meet Zach. Zach is my little brother who got married (to the lovely lady pictured on the right above, incidentally) and moved to Florida temporarily where he is living my own personal dream: working in thrift stores and experimenting with new recipes. Now, is this his personal ideal? Probably not. But being in Florida soContinue reading “Take-A-Number Bars”

Chocolate Chick Cookie Bites

I have a sweet tooth. Like, some people probably say that and think,”Awww, I have a sweet tooth too!” But your sweet tooth is like this: via My sweet tooth is more like this: via See the difference? Suffice it to say, I’ve never been one of those people that can give up candy orContinue reading “Chocolate Chick Cookie Bites”