A “Healthy” Treat

Occasionally, my sweet tooth hits an insatiable level, as I’ve mentioned before. In those moments, when my sugar cravings are hulking out, I have been attempting to enjoy sweet treats that have some redemptive scrap of nutritional value. Having finally wearied of turning on the oven to bake chick-pea based cookies (which are still delicious, by theContinue reading “A “Healthy” Treat”

Shake it, Shake-a-Shake Shake it!

  via I am currently in love with making shakes, and not the Chik-fil-A/insanely delicious/add-five-pounds kind. I’ve been having some healthy smoothies to replace breakfast and as a snack here and there, and I’m loving them. Here are my two favorite healthy shakes of late: The Breakfast Smoothie: 1/2 Scoop Raw Protein Powder (I useContinue reading “Shake it, Shake-a-Shake Shake it!”

Pink Cake

Today is a berry-flavor kind of day! Sometimes, when you need to make something deliciously dessert-y, you just don’t feel up to the sexy-levels of chocolate or the stickiness of caramel, am I right? Lets face it, sometimes the last thing you want is MORE hot(t) or sticky! Welcome to the summer desserting dilemma . .Continue reading “Pink Cake”

Chinese Dumplings

Once upon a time, when I lived in France, I studied with a girl from China named Wenxuan. (Say “oo-en-shh-won” really fast and you’ve got it.)  One day, Wenxuan agreed to teach myself (and two other friends from class) how to make true Chinese Dumplings. . . So we gathered in the little quintessential southernContinue reading “Chinese Dumplings”

Sunday Afternoons and Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is something about Sunday afternoons. They are an exquisite blend of relaxation, nostalgia, and productivity. Usually by Sunday afternoon I have already done my weekend cleaning and laundry routine and can dance towards slightly more indulgent (but still handy) pass-times; like baking. My family never did “Sunday Dinners”. . . in fact, Sunday wasContinue reading “Sunday Afternoons and Chocolate Chip Cookies”

How to Make A Millionaire!

Dorothy Parker, a female writer before female writers were “de jour”, once said, Well, I completely empathize with Dorothy, but sadly I can’t give you the secret to making millions. HOWEVER, I can give you my new favorite recipe for Millionaire Bars that will make you swoon like preteens at a Twilight Premiere. Ingredients toContinue reading “How to Make A Millionaire!”

A Bark You’ll Want To Bite!

Post-holiday confession: I don’t really like candy-canes.  via I mean, of all the sugar in the world to ingest, they’re at the bottom of the totum poll. I actually would rather have roasted brussel sprouts than candy-canes. . . but there is just something so darned festive about them! I can’t seem to go through aContinue reading “A Bark You’ll Want To Bite!”

Gimme Some SUGAR (Cookies)!

In search of the absolutely perfect, fool-proof, delicious-yet-simple sugar cookie recipe? Believe it or not, this exists. Actually, being realistic, maybe there are several doable recipes out there, but I am writing today to share my mom’s INSANELY good sugar cookie recipe with those of you who might not have one of these in yourContinue reading “Gimme Some SUGAR (Cookies)!”