Back-to-Hell Shopping

I love school supplies.


I just can’t get enough of fun erasers, patterned binders, and colorful composition books. In fact, I found out today that the selection is a lot cooler than it used to be, as far as cuteness goes. So, I thought picking out a new plan book would be a fun excuse to peruse the selection at Target. Right?


It turns out that spending even a minimum amount of time in the school supply section is possibly one of my new least favorite things-t0-do. Right between cleaning the toilet without gloves and taking 8 hour math tests.

While shopping, I saw:

– one girl bite her younger sister and then blatantly lie about it to her mother

– three complaining teenagers trash-talking their teachers

– six disagreements between parents

dozens of Justin Bieber notebooks, but not ONE Captain America one

– 10 complaining younger siblings

And this was only in 15 minutes! I rest my case. From here on out, I will do my best to avoid that scary back-to-school section, because I’m pretty sure it is my own personal version of hell.

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