Current Events For The Win

Slightly tired of presidential campaign speeches already? The sheer amount of time wasted with clapping is enough to make you turn off the screen, if you ask me. SO, today, I went questing for other news, and found the following fascinating tid-bits… had a whole list of stories, but one headline in particular caught my total interest.

The best part is that the reason why Bearded men (carrying rifles) caused a bridge to close down was due to the “Beards for Breasts” movement . . . a photo shoot movement in support of raising money to fight breast cancer!  CNN also has a nice feature that lets you watch some pretty wonderful news stories. Case in point:

Check out this amazing-ness!

Since I wanted to make sure that I didn’t only check one news source, I also took a gander at the New York Times online. The only thing to catch my eye was actually related to the elections (there wasn’t much else to read, actually). . . but an interesting take on why our incumbent might wind up re-elected.

So. . . Jim Rutenberg thinks that American’s have some sort of sentimental attachment to Obama? Like, as in a bad dating relationship? We aren’t happy, but we’ll probably stick with Obama because of some nostalgic emotional (irrational?) set of feelings?? Hmmm. Not sure how to feel about that, besides hopeful that it’s not true.

Anyhow, that is your peek into my glance at today’s Current Events.

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