Loquaciousness, Verbosity, and Siblings

Recently, somewhat out of the blue but much to my delight, my brother decided to throw down a challenge in my direction. . .

words we should use more


This was immediately followed up with a full-family-facebook conversation, complete with loving taunts.

family chatter

So, when faced with all of this chatter, I decided to attempt to meet my brother’s challenge.

Did I do it? Yes. Yes I did.

My coworkers think I’m crazy, but I did it.


Shhhhhtuff Christians Say. . .

I have always appreciated the ability to laugh at myself from time to time. In that spirit, there is a humorous little clip that you should watch, folks.

Or, if you prefer to see it in its natural habitat, click on this purply link: Stuff Christians Say, and you will be able to see this highly entertaining clip from from worshiphousemedia on GodTube.

Yes. I said GodTube.

Because that exists.

This One Is For You. Yes, you.

“But what if there really were two paths? I want to be on the one that leads to AWESOME!”




In case you need another little encouragement example . . .



A Little Irreverent Fun. . .

Whilst decorating cookies with my big Brother, we may have traveled a little off the beaten-path of traditional frosting!

It all started with salvaging a broken bear cookie . . .

armless cookie

Then, my Dad might have made a little comment that brought on un unorthodox (but still somehow beautiful) nativity, featuring:

Mary, Snowsef, and Baby Treesus

irreverent cookies

Then, last, but certainly not least, there was one cookie which was absolutely a mystery shape. I think it came from a United-States-Shaped cookie cutter, but I didn’t know this at the time. So, I played the what-do-you-see game, and wound up with  . . .

George Washington!

George/America Washington

Perhaps it was a little odd, but making these was a LOT of fun!

Laughing My Way To The Weekend

I am a firm believer in finding the funny in day-to-day life (in case you didn’t know).  Maybe that’s why I love puns so much. . . especially unintentional ones.  One of my favorites involves a certain French Dictionary with which some of you may be familiar.

One day, during a French class I was teaching, I was curious to know how one might say the word/expression “a cliffhanger” en français . Since I didn’t know, I decided to model good language-learner behavior by looking it up in my handy-dandy French-English Dictionary. But when I looked at the definitions, this is what I saw:

Now, anyone who is even slightly familiar with French (and even most reasonably logical monolinguists) can figure out that “histoire just means “story” or “history”. Needless to say, I was baffled for just a moment . . . UNTIL I turned the page and saw this:

So, pleine de suspense can be translated as “full of suspense”. Well, needless to say, I BUSTED out laughing (like any self-respecting language-nerd might). I mean, the definition of cliffhanger is an actual cliff-hanger!!! It leaves you hanging, and then requires you to turn the page to find out the rest of the definition. This is sheer brilliance. I love it when humor surprises you like this.

Now, there are other days when it is more tricky to find humor in random moments, and the humor there is to be found is not always encouraging. For example, today (ironically on the same day I was highlighting organizational skills in two of my classes) I noticed the label on one of my student’s binders . . .

Now, while this definitely made me chuckle (and inspired the taking of a photo), it was also slightly disheartening. Nobody likes their subject matter (you know, that stuff they spend at least 5 hours a day/25 hours a week teaching) to be called “crapwork”. Based on nice things this wonderful student has said, I know it wasn’t intended to be a commentary on my class in particular, but still . . . disheartening on principle for a teacher, don’t you think? Anyhow, once this laughter had passed, the rest my Friday classes proceeded with an alarming degree of seriousness.

Since it’s a Friday (the night after an evening school function, no less!) I was feeling a little (ahem: a lot) fatigued and less prone to finding small funnies as the day progressed. Which is why it came as a fantastic surprise to spend a full five minutes on spontaneous laughter after discovering/reading a letter left on my desk just as my last class began. The letter was such an unexpectedly wonderful and laughter-inspiring piece, that I have decided to share it with you. . . it’s just that good.

This is why I love my job, because my students are wonderful enough to find humor and share laughter with me when I least expect it!

On that note, Happy Weekend to you all!


That French Teacher Who Clarifies The Difference Between Expressions of Gratitude and Your Rear-End

Current Events For The Win

Slightly tired of presidential campaign speeches already? The sheer amount of time wasted with clapping is enough to make you turn off the screen, if you ask me. SO, today, I went questing for other news, and found the following fascinating tid-bits…

CNN.com had a whole list of stories, but one headline in particular caught my total interest.

The best part is that the reason why Bearded men (carrying rifles) caused a bridge to close down was due to the “Beards for Breasts” movement . . . a photo shoot movement in support of raising money to fight breast cancer!  CNN also has a nice feature that lets you watch some pretty wonderful news stories. Case in point:

Check out this amazing-ness!

Since I wanted to make sure that I didn’t only check one news source, I also took a gander at the New York Times online. The only thing to catch my eye was actually related to the elections (there wasn’t much else to read, actually). . . but an interesting take on why our incumbent might wind up re-elected.

So. . . Jim Rutenberg thinks that American’s have some sort of sentimental attachment to Obama? Like, as in a bad dating relationship? We aren’t happy, but we’ll probably stick with Obama because of some nostalgic emotional (irrational?) set of feelings?? Hmmm. Not sure how to feel about that, besides hopeful that it’s not true.

Anyhow, that is your peek into my glance at today’s Current Events.