Let’s face it . . . conjugating verbs is nobody’s first choice activity. As a French teacher, I am always trying to think of new ways to get my students more familiar with verb conjugations. The traditional worksheet tends to be less-than-scintillating, and at this time of the year I find that students have aContinue reading “Color-by-Conjugation”

Burn Book Gone Wild. . . & French

Check out the amazingly histerical and wonderful student work I received in class today! Page 1: The Zebra went to the mall to get a spray tan because she was really a horse! Page 2: The Ostriche went to the club with the giraffe because they were strippers. Page 3: The tiger went shopping atContinue reading “Burn Book Gone Wild. . . & French”

Things You Didn’t Know . . .in French

Student Work is one of my favorite things. Especially the following pages of an assigned French “Burn Book”… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Page 1: Your garbage man made friends out of garbage at his home because he smelled so bad that nobody loved him.  Page 2: Your waiter watchedContinue reading “Things You Didn’t Know . . .in French”

The Beautiful Day Remedy

Occasionally, in the whir of daily life, it is easy to lose track of the small things that are so lovely about being alive. If you, like I sometimes am, are feeling cooped up or even just slightly stifled by the routines to which you remain relatively faithful, I have the perfect remedy. via StepContinue reading “The Beautiful Day Remedy”

Students With Skillz

And, yes, that’s skillz with a Z. Check out the  gorgeous bow bracelet one of my students made! Isn’t it adorable? She made it out of an old purse with a little help from a YouTube tutorial. I’m in love with how it looks, SUCH a pretty piece! Next time I have an old piece of leatherContinue reading “Students With Skillz”