Let’s face it . . . conjugating verbs is nobody’s first choice activity.

One of my students lets me know exactly how he feels about conjugation, choosing the verb "vomir" (to vomit) every time I give the class the option of selecting their own verb for a conjugation . . .

One of my students lets me know exactly how he feels about conjugation, choosing the verb “vomir” (to vomit) every time I give the class the option of selecting their own verb for a conjugation . . .

As a French teacher, I am always trying to think of new ways to get my students more familiar with verb conjugations. The traditional worksheet tends to be less-than-scintillating, and at this time of the year I find that students have a low threshold of tolerance for tedious activities of any kind. SO, inspired by the traditional concept of color-by-number art . . . and by the awesomeness of conjugart (which blends conjugation and art quite impressively!), I have made a present-tense review color-by-conjugation worksheet. It covers regular ER and IR verbs, as well as the verbs I like to call the “fab four” (être, avoir, aller, and faire – four insanely useful and common, yet highly irregular, French verbs). If it looks useful, I’m including the two links to download it below (one is for the key/cover page, and the other is for the coloring page!)

thumbnail - color by conjugation - free download


Instructions Page – Color Conjugations

French Present Tense Color by Conjugations

Because who doesn’t like coloring???

Burn Book Gone Wild. . . & French

Check out the amazingly histerical and wonderful student work I received in class today!

l'album brulant cover

Page 1: The Zebra went to the mall to get a spray tan because she was really a horse!Oh Horsey

Page 2: The Ostriche went to the club with the giraffe because they were strippers.OH my, scandalous!

Page 3: The tiger went shopping at Whole Foods because he was a vegitarian.Tofu!

Page 4: A lady-owl went to the speach therapist because she couldn’t say “who”!Well, Owl Be!

Page 5: The fly went to the garage to buy a car because he couldn’t fly.GET IT? IT'S A FLY!!!

Page 6: The butterfly bought makeup at the mall because she was part Moth.True Colors?

Page 7: The polar bear lived in the forest because he thought he was an albino.Not your Niche, Polarbear

Page 8: The Hippo had a baby with the Muskrat because she wanted a hippopotomuskrat!New Species Alert

Things You Didn’t Know . . .in French

Student Work is one of my favorite things. Especially the following pages of an assigned French “Burn Book”… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

l'Album Brulant

Page 1: Your garbage man made friends out of garbage at his home because he smelled so bad that nobody loved him. The Garbage Man

Page 2: Your waiter watched you at your house last night because he thought you were pretty.Your Waiter/Stalker

Page 3: Your butcher became a vegetarian ten years ago because he loved animals. Your Butcher

Pate 4: Your gas station attendant stole 9 cars last week because he had the opportunity.Your Gas Station Attendant

Page 5: Your fireman set fire to a house in Ohio because he was a pyromaniac. Your Fireman

Page 6: Your librarian never learned to read because she went to a bad school.Your Librarian

Page 7: Your taxi-driver bought a GPS because he didn’t like maps.Your Taxi Driver

Page 8: The neighbourhood homeless man won the lottery recently, because he was lucky.

 Your Neighbourhood Bum

The Beautiful Day Remedy

Occasionally, in the whir of daily life, it is easy to lose track of the small things that are so lovely about being alive. If you, like I sometimes am, are feeling cooped up or even just slightly stifled by the routines to which you remain relatively faithful, I have the perfect remedy.

More Happy


Step 1: Be Productive, but don’t overlook the smile-bringing moments of your day!

For Example: 

Today, my students were working independently on a French History Project when I overheard the following conversation:
Student A: What’s your era again?
Student B: The second Napoleonic Empire.
Student A: Aww, I’m the third republic! Isn’t that PRUSSIOUS!

Step 2: Soak in some sunshine, however you can get it!

If you just happen to live in driving distance from the Coolidge Reservation in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, I highly recommend it!

Ocean's Lawn

Step 3: Get reacquainted with your local public library, paying specific attention to the old books that nobody ever remembers to open!



(Page 1 of This Side of Glory, by Gwen Bristow)

Step 4: Bake yourself a delicious pizza with whatever you might have on hand


(tip on awesome pizza crust: 2 &1/2 cups flour, 1 pkt/1 Tbsp yeast, 2 Tbsp oil, 1 Tbsp sugar, 1 tsp. salt – mix it good, let it rise 15 minutes and then top with whatever you have lying around – bake at 400 for about 20 minutes and voilà!)

Step 5: Own an adorable cat.


Step 6: Watch the  movie “Leap Year” (courtesy of the Library)

. . . and fall a little bit in love with Matthew Goode’s character Declan, who has a pretty wonderful accent. And even if you don’t fall in love with him, it’s an adorable movie. Plus, if you’re lucky, you also got Taken at the library, so there is an option if Leap Year doesn’t quite do it for you!

Oh. Man.


Finally (Step 7), wrap up your day with a healthy dose of warmth…

Think about the good things that filled the day, forget the moments that made you angsty (because they pale in the beautiful sunshine that dazzles Ocean’s lawn and you can’t even see them beyond the forgotten stacks of glorious forgotten books. Just take a moment to feel good and tuckered out before snuggling down for the night – holding on to the beautiful facets of the day you just lived.

good dayvia

Students With Skillz

And, yes, that’s skillz with a Z.

Check out the  gorgeous bow bracelet one of my students made! Isn’t it adorable? She made it out of an old purse with a little help from a YouTube tutorial. I’m in love with how it looks, SUCH a pretty piece! Next time I have an old piece of leather (or faux leather!) lying around, this will be my model!

She did such a good job with the finishing/closure- it looks professionally made, doesn’t it? 

Now check out the insanely delicious “Cauldron Cake my student made (inspired by the descriptive goodness of J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter, for those of you who may not be aware) . . . I can personally attest to the fact that these tasted as INSANELY good as they look! They are also getting added to my things-to-bake bucket list (my Oven List?)!

My final share of the week? Check out one student’s wonderful (and on-topic!) sense of humor!

Un béguin (as we learned this week) is another word for a crush (as in: Young girls often had a crush on Jonathon Taylor-Thomas during the 1980s and 90s.)