Unorthodox Problem Solving

With alarming frequency, big, terrifying kafka-esque bugs get into my classroom. However, this is neither metamorphosis nor metaphor. We’re talking about the real-deal, multi-legged, blood-sucking, ear-buzzing, skitter-across-the-wall kind of bugs. In case you cannot tell, I don’t like bugs…  at least not inside. If they’re outside (where they belong) that’s fine, but when they startContinue reading “Unorthodox Problem Solving”


As a high school French teacher, I am occasionally devoted to my work to a fault. Halloween is usually a prime example of said ridiculous over-devotion . . . Every year, we teachers attempt to dress in ridiculous costumes for the general amusement, entertainment and edification of our students. I see it as a personal challenge toContinue reading “EHRMAHGERD! HERLERWERN!”