As a high school French teacher, I am occasionally devoted to my work to a fault. Halloween is usually a prime example of said ridiculous over-devotion . . . Every year, we teachers attempt to dress in ridiculous costumes for the general amusement, entertainment and edification of our students. I see it as a personal challenge toContinue reading “EHRMAHGERD! HERLERWERN!”

Translating ERMAHGERD

Maybe you have heard of the memes which spring from the word “ERMAHGERD”? For Example: via Or This One: via Or (a personal favorite): via For those of you who haven’t been introduced, this series of memes highlights the mispronunciation of “Oh My God”, usually accompanying some fairly ridicule-worthy-yet-appreciate-able images. via Typically, this strain of meme isContinue reading “Translating ERMAHGERD”