Students With Skillz

And, yes, that’s skillz with a Z. Check out the  gorgeous bow bracelet one of my students made! Isn’t it adorable? She made it out of an old purse with a little help from a YouTube tutorial. I’m in love with how it looks, SUCH a pretty piece! Next time I have an old piece of leatherContinue reading “Students With Skillz”

Descriptive Reactions!

Today, as I am wont to do, I played a French video for a few of my classes. This video: My favorite reaction to the deep intensity of Fabien Marsaud‘s voice? “Oh my g*d! That’s like VOICE CHOCOLATE.” After I mentioned the description to another class in preparation to view the same video, one studentContinue reading “Descriptive Reactions!”

I Love My Students!

I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that my students are the best students in the world… I am currently amassing YEARS worth of anecdotal proof to back up my claims, HOWEVER, I would like to share a few of the more wonderfully funny/sweet/amazing pieces that have happened thus far this year! Exhibit A:  MyContinue reading “I Love My Students!”