Things You Didn’t Know . . .in French

Student Work is one of my favorite things. Especially the following pages of an assigned French “Burn Book”… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

l'Album Brulant

Page 1: Your garbage man made friends out of garbage at his home because he smelled so bad that nobody loved him. The Garbage Man

Page 2: Your waiter watched you at your house last night because he thought you were pretty.Your Waiter/Stalker

Page 3: Your butcher became a vegetarian ten years ago because he loved animals. Your Butcher

Pate 4: Your gas station attendant stole 9 cars last week because he had the opportunity.Your Gas Station Attendant

Page 5: Your fireman set fire to a house in Ohio because he was a pyromaniac. Your Fireman

Page 6: Your librarian never learned to read because she went to a bad school.Your Librarian

Page 7: Your taxi-driver bought a GPS because he didn’t like maps.Your Taxi Driver

Page 8: The neighbourhood homeless man won the lottery recently, because he was lucky.

 Your Neighbourhood Bum

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